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Phillip Wood

How to Define an MVP Scope in 3 Hours

By Phillip Wood
Scoping an MVP doesn’t have to take days. Product manager Phillip Wood explains how he gathers product specialists, designers, and engineers to brainstorm features, pare them down, and create wireframes—all in a few hours.
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Milos Belcevic

Learning to Learn: 5 Tips to Master Any Product Management Domain

By Milos Belcevic
Product managers work across many industries, and domain-specific knowledge is essential to finding success in each one. Learn how to quickly acquire industry expertise with these tried-and-tested recommendations.
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Daniel Hatton

Design Sprints: Fostering Creativity Through Constraints

By Daniel Hatton
How can creativity thrive in an environment of rules and set processes? The creative constraints introduced by design sprints can help product managers find the midpoint between structure and chaos.
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Philippe Araujo

Growth Product Management: What You Need to Know

By Philippe Araujo
Growth product managers are now a mainstay of Silicon Valley, but what do they do, how do they work, and what value do they bring? Find out in this guide to an increasingly vital product role.
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Adrian Gonzalez

How to Use Your Product Management Experience to Ride the AI Wave

By Adrian Gonzalez
Organizations are investing in AI initiatives and seeking product experts to lead them. Here’s how you can leverage diverse industry experience and capitalize on the rising demand for AI product managers.
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Felix Reiners

Stakeholder Management: The Art of Saying No

By Felix Reiners
To execute on product strategy, product managers must know when and how to reject stakeholder requests while still fostering an atmosphere of openness and innovation. Here’s how to do it.
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Douglas L. Ringer

Your Product Owner Is Not Your Product Manager

By Douglas L. Ringer
Product management has evolved to encompass numerous roles and responsibilities. Leaders looking to hire a product professional must consider what skills and knowledge their business needs demand.
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Katie Shevlin

Running a Successful North Star Metric Workshop for Product Teams

By Katie Shevlin
A North Star metric is a useful tool that can align and motivate your product team. This guide will help you facilitate a productive, creative workshop that results in a strong metric.
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