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Kata Török-Pál

3 Essential Project Manager Skills and How to Hone Them

By Kata Török-Pál
Managing projects is largely about managing people. These three soft skills can help project managers build a strong team, gain trust, and create a positive culture.
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Kamil Imański

Program Manager vs. Product Manager: A Conflict Resolution Strategy

By Kamil Imański
Program managers and product managers often clash. Improving communication at three specific touch points can alleviate tension, develop more positive relationships, and ensure smooth project delivery.
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Elizabeth A. Anderson

What Is a Product Owner? A Project Manager’s Guide

By Elizabeth A. Anderson
It’s not uncommon for project managers to be assigned duties that should belong to a product owner. Find out how you can use this role confusion to your advantage, and increase your skills in both arenas.
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Anna Zakoyan

You’ve Landed Your Next Scrum Master Job. Now What?

By Anna Zakoyan
The first days in a new position can be confusing and lead to avoidable mistakes. These Scrum master best practices will help you become the servant-leader your team needs.
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Daniel Carroll

SAFe Case Studies: Transformation Notes From the Field

By Daniel Carroll
In the final installment of Toptal’s Agile scaling series, the creator of SAFe, Dean Leffingwell, shares his expertise alongside three case studies from Toptal project managers who discuss the challenges and rewards of implementing an Agile scaling framework.
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Ammar Raafat Mohamed Bashandy

Agile Scaling: SAFe Best Practices for Scrum Masters

By Ammar Raafat Mohamed Bashandy
This article is part of Toptal’s Agile scaling series, designed to guide project managers in their team expansion efforts. In this second installment, Toptal Scrum expert Ammar Raafat discusses how Scrum masters moving into the role of release train engineer can help their teams thrive.
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Umar Ali

What Is Agile? A Philosophy That Develops Through Practice

By Umar Ali
Agile’s flexibility is attractive, but its lack of specificity leads teams to misinterpret its applications. Agile expert Umar Ali explains how he helps teams prioritize values over practices.
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Bryan Bates

Is the Citizen Developer the New Face of Agility?

By Bryan Bates
In an era of talent shortages and fast delivery, the low-code market is taking off. Citizen development on a low-code platform may be the solution your organization needs.
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