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Greig O'Brien

Hybrid Project Management: A Middle Ground Between Agile and Waterfall

By Greig O'Brien
Agile project management strives for adaptability, while Waterfall strives for predictability. A hybrid approach that marries the two can be challenging to implement but beneficial for some projects.
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Maxim Sterjanov

An Introduction to Workarea Commerce Platform

By Maxim Sterjanov
The global eCommerce market has grown from $2.8 trillion to $3.5 trillion over the last year, and the projected growth remains at a staggering 18% per year. Workarea is positioning itself as a highly flexible and customizable offering for enterprise clients to satisfy the growing demand.
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Vytas Butkus

A Complete List of Project Management Conferences 2020

By Vytas Butkus
The only project management conference list you will ever need. This list contains all the information you might need when picking a conference including insights about the conference, locations, and ticket prices.
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Simone Theeboom

What Is PMO? A Guide to Project Management Office

By Simone Theeboom
Ever wondered how to successfully improve the delivery of projects in your organization? Using PMO best practices, business can drive consistent delivery of projects in today’s competitive environment.
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