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Rohan Lulla

The Platform Mindset in API Product Management

By Rohan Lulla
A successful API strategy isn’t about building products; it’s about building potential. Good API product managers recognize this and prioritize the factors that smooth adoption for potential partners.
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Alex Cox

Every Product Has a Thesis

By Alex Cox
Every successful product has a central thesis—a reason for existence. Let’s analyze the foundations of the iPhone, Alexa, and other widespread products to highlight their core theses.
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Omer Shechter

The Product Backlog: A Step-by-step Guide

By Omer Shechter
Product backlog management is the most impactful work area for any product manager. Learn how to create a healthy backlog and apply a data-driven approach to prioritization.
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Tom Uhlhorn

How to Conduct Remote User Interviews [Infographic]

By Tom Uhlhorn
Remote user interviews can be more informative than face-to-face meetings. Follow this four-step method to conduct effective remote interviews that lead to valuable user research insights.
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Adrienne Jan

How to Scale Internationally: Global Product Design

By Adrienne Jan
Companies rolling out international products tend to focus primarily on proper language translation. However, a host of other essential components should not be missed in order to make your product a global success.
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Egle Merkyte

Suddenly Remote: Product Managers in Transition

By Egle Merkyte
Everything product managers need to know about shifting to remote work amid the global COVID-19 outbreak. Experienced remote product managers share their best practices on how leaders make the most of remote working.
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Dan McClure

Mastering Disruption: The Art of Agile Complexity

By Dan McClure
Incremental improvement is no longer enough to deal with the complex problems facing the world today. Companies that master Agile complexity will unleash a new wave of disruptive innovation.
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Harish Natarahjan

Beyond “Faster, Better, Cheaper”: Vertical Integration Strategy for Startups

By Harish Natarahjan
Startups need to think about vertical integration and identify the areas to focus on in-house versus partnering or outsourcing.
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