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Supporting local Toptal communities in more than 50 cities globally, Toptal Community Leaders organize events, speak at conferences, and help experts in their regions make the most of Toptal.

Build a World-Class Community
Community Leaders foster engagement and expertise-sharing among Toptal community members around the world.
Connect With Global Professionals
Community Leaders host more than 150 events each year, including conferences, workshops, co-working days, and networking events.
Advance Your Career
Community Leaders are industry experts and thought leaders themselves. Stand out in your field, and network with the best of the best.

I want to be part of the remote revolution, and Toptal is the ideal context to do that at a large scale.

Razvan Burciu

Senior UX Designer
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Meet Toptal® Community Leaders

Garren DiPasquale
Charlotte, North Carolina, USAus
Garren is a product designer and the community lead for Charlotte, North Carolina — one of the fastest growing cities in the US. He is a passionate design evangelist and believer in the remote revolution.
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Cristian Garcia
Medellín, Colombiaco
Cristian is a data scientist and developer with a background in math and physics. His two passions are programming and artificial intelligence.
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Dmitry Ryazantsev
Moscow, Russiaru
Dmitry is an Android developer and leader representing the Toptal community in Moscow, Russia's capital city. He organizes local networking events and helps the local network stay in touch.
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Felipe Bernardes
Sorocaba, Brazilbr
Felipe is a front-end developer specializing in performance and pixel-perfection. He is passionate about investing in the community of Sorocaba through inclusive events, workshops, and professional opportunities.
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Taylor Platt
New York City, USAus
Taylor works on the Growth Team at Toptal and leads the community for New York City. He organizes events that take advantage of the unique setting in the United States' largest (and best) city.
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Yvette Solorzano
Chicago, Illinois, USAus
Yvette is a UI/UX Designer with a degree in Electrical Engineering and experience as a test engineer for Cisco. She applies her technical background to creating cutting-edge designs for clients such as Walgreens and McDonald's.
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Chady Kassouf
Montreal, Canadaca
Chady is a full-stack web and iOS developer with over 20 years of experience. He organizes local events and helps lead the community in Montreal, Canada.
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Marco Aurélio Andrade
Belo Horizonte, Brazilbr
Marco Andrade is a QA Engineer at Toptal and leader for Brazil’s sixth-largest city. His intention has always been to promote and develop quality culture among companies locally and globally.
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Luís Filipe Teófilo
Porto, Portugalpt
Luís is a .NET engineer and Director of Engineering at Toptal, and since 2016, has been organizing Toptal community events in the northern region of Portugal.
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Julien Renaux
Toulouse, Francefr
Julien is a front-end engineer and leader in Toulouse, France. As head of Google Developer Group Toulouse, he organizes more than ten events a year for around a thousand attendees.
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Chester Rodeheaver
Miami, Florida, USAus
Chester is a finance expert specializing in investment funds, including real estate, hedge funds, and venture capital. He is based in Miami and works with clients across a broad range of industries and geographies.
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Adam Molnar
Budapest, Hungaryhu
Adam is a front-end engineer, entrepreneur, public speaker and change maker. Toptal fundamentally changed his life, so he stepped up to lead the Budapest community, to share and spread Toptal magic.
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Nazar Ivanenko
Kiev, Ukraineua
Nazar has almost 20 years of engineering experience in a number of development languages and platforms. He has been a full time freelancer since 2011, and leading the Toptal community in Ukraine since 2013.
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Pierre Killy
Stockholm, Swedense
Pierre is an entrepreneur with 15+ years experience as a web engineer and creative problem solver. He was awarded a Toptal Open Source Grant, and acts as leader for the community around Stockholm.
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Razvan Burciu
Cluj-Napoca, Romaniaro
Razvan is a passionate product designer and the leader for the fastest growing tech hub in Romania. He believes in the power of a remote revolution and wants to see more happy people on Mondays.
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Solon Molho
Athens, Greecegr
Solon is a finance expert and is actively engaged in the Athens community, where he is always looking for opportunities to connect with people in and out of the Toptal network.
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Luiz Mitidiero
Campinas, Brazilbr
Luiz is a front-end developer who represents the Toptal community in Campinas and São Paulo. He organizes around 20 events each year, with hundreds of attendees total.
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Héctor Benítez
San Luis Potosí, Mexicomx
Hector is a software developer, tech consultant, and international Toptal Speaker representing San Luis Potosí. As a community leader, he organizes 30+ software-focused events per year.
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David Marín
Madrid, Spaines
David is a WordPress engineer and PHP developer living in Spain. He moderates Toptal's online PHP community as well as organizing events in the Madrid area.
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Dmitry Pavlov
St. Petersburg, Russiaru
Dmitry is a .NET development expert. In addition, he is a technical recruiter and helps build the St. Petersburg community, and provides support to Russian speaking applicants.
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Yesica Danderfer
Mar del Plata, Argentinaar
Yesi is a passionate UX/UI designer and editor. Her unconventional approach to design makes her a standout in her field, and she moderates Toptal's Design and UX online community.
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Michal Jan Mikolajczyk
Warsaw, Polandpl
Michał is a full-stack software engineer who leads the Toptal community in Warsaw. He runs a motorcycle startup, VIKING GARAGE, as well as Blockchain IoT, an open-source project.
Contact Michal
Eduard Milushi
Tirana, Albaniaal
Eduard is a WordPress Developer and leader for the Toptal community in Tirana. He also has extensive experience in marketing and event management with an MBA degree.
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Greco Rubio
Mérida, Mexicomx
Greco is a front-end developer and leader representing Merida. He organizes around a dozen events each year, with many attendees traveling from throughout the Yucatan Peninsula.
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Julia Stanaro
Denver, Colorado, USAus
Julia is a Client Partner on Toptal's Core Team and organizes events in Colorado, Toptal's most active community in North America.
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Edwin Guzman Buezo
La Paz, Boliviabo
Edwin is a senior full-stack web engineer and leader of the Toptal community in Bolivia. He has organized and led elite coding events, as well as the main Algorithm communities in Bolivia, for more than 7 years.
Contact Edwin
Rodrigo Donini
Porto Alegre, Brazilbr
Rodrigo is a WordPress Engineer, CMS Screener, Toptal Speaker, and Community Leader representing the fifth-largest metropolitan area in Brazil. He organizes many local events throughout each year.
Contact Rodrigo
Gabriel Pleszowski
Buenos Aires, Argentinaar
Gabriel is one of Toptal's Directors of Engineering and a passionate WordPress developer. He lives in Buenos Aires and is grateful to have found so much joy in his line of work through the years.
Contact Gabriel
Braden Kelley
Corvallis, OR, USAus
Braden is a full-stack engineer who tends to think outside the box. He's an open source enthusiast and likes to keep up to date on new frameworks and technologies. He moderates Toptal's Node.js community.
Contact Braden
Oleg Polivannyi
Kaliningrad, Russiaru
Oleg is a developer with a wide range of skills, mostly working in game development. As leader for the Russian enclave in Europe, Kaliningrad, he organizes gamedev networking events every couple of months.
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Camilo Bravo
Quito, Ecuadorec
Camilo is a Drupal engineer and technical screener for Toptal, with experience in many development environments including Go. He has organized a DrupalCamp in Quito, and moderates #_drupal on Toptal Slack.
Contact Camilo
Pavo Pavlovic
Široki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovinaba
Pavo has a background in IT and Sales, and has a long record of team leadership at Toptal. As the Inbound Sales Team Lead, he works with the sales team to introduce prospective clients to Toptal.
Contact Pavo
Marco Vega
Cartagena, Colombiaco
Marco is a front-end and WordPress engineer from Cartagena, Colombia. When he's not programming, he spends time with the nearby development community and works to empower a culture of innovation.
Contact Marco
Igor Santos
Rio de Janeiro, Brazilbr
Igor has over a decade of web experience, moving between PHP, JS, and other environments. When not leading Toptal events around Rio de Janeiro, he's also a core member and tech lead of PHPRio.
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Luiz Ferreira
Vancouver, Canadaca
Luiz is a JavaScript developer who has been involved with communities since 2013. He co-founded two developer groups in Brazil with more than 1,200 members combined. Now he represents Toptal in Vancouver.
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Merott Movahedi
London, United Kingdomuk
Within weeks of joining Toptal as a front-end developer, Merott organized his first event. He hasn’t stopped since, and now leads the initiative to build the Toptal community in London.
Contact Merott
Alexander Pataridze
Tbilisi, Georgiage
Alexander is a mobile application developer, and leads the growing Toptal community in the Republic of Georgia. He organizes around 15 events each year, from coworking days to tech talk events.
Contact Alexander
Levon Arkelatyan
Yerevan, Armeniaam
Levon is a full-stack developer and cryptocurrency expert. When not leading events and growing the community around Yerevan, you might find him developing games for iOS!
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Radek Ostrowski
Sydney, Australiaau
Radek is a certified Toptal Blockchain Engineer particularly interested in Ethereum and smart contracts. In the fiat world, he is experienced in big data/machine learning projects. He also speaks internationally and helps grow the Toptal community in Australia.
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