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Peter Rogers
United States
Peter is a front-end web and mobile developer, most recently focused on JavaScript and PHP. Prior to that, he did UI development in C++ for the LabVIEW platform/language, and before that, he worked a brief stint coding museum kiosks.
Piotr Gawle
Piotr is a software engineer with over ten years of experience in developing web applications. He specializes in crafting efficient, graphics-heavy, and fast mobile and desktop JavaScript, HTML, and CSS products. He understands full-stack development and has a background in PHP, Java EE, and MySQL. He has worked in environments from corporations to startups. He is an Agile practitioner and Scrum master with extensive management experience.
Isabel Torres Hernández
Isabel has worked in every stage of the development cycle, from requirement gathering, analysis and design, to development, testing, and deployment. She specializes in .NET technologies and has 3 Microsoft .Net certifications. Always interested in learning new methodologies and frameworks.