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Charles Naccio
United States
Charles is a motivated senior Salesforce consultant and developer with over six years of experience, focused on finding new and creative ways of leveraging the platform to address the ever-changing needs of business organizations. To top things off, he has a keen understanding of business and business concepts, which enables him to effectively communicate with executives and key business stakeholders.
Ivan Bernat
Ivan is a full-stack JavaScript web developer who specializes in building SaaS solutions for clients across different markets. Ivan has experience working both as a standalone freelancer for clients from around the globe and as an in-house developer in large teams.
Patryk Porębski
Patryk is an IT and new technologies professional with a strong technical and business background. He has over ten years of professional experience in delivering complex IT projects, strong knowledge of all IT stack layers, and expertise with scalable, highly-available and fault-tolerant configurations and cloud infrastructure. He is passionate about emerging artificial intelligence and big data technologies.