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Miloš Nikolovski, Serbia

Member since July 21, 2014
Miloš is a software developer with over eight years' experience. He is a motivated and self-directed individual seeking to build new and expand existing knowledge in a new environment with cutting-edge IT companies. His easygoing personality and sense of humor don't ... Click to continue

Luís Martinho, Portugal

Member since October 30, 2011
As an entrepreneur, Luís understands the importance of proactivity and results, and has learned the meaning of responsibility and accountability. He is more of a generalist than a specialist, though he loves the detail and deep understanding that comes from intense f... Click to continue

Henrique Reinaldo Sarmento, Brazil

Member since April 28, 2018
Henrique is a passionate web developer striving to find the right balance of maintainable code, UX, and UI in his solutions. Although his foundation is mainly in Ruby (Ruby on Rails) and Python (Flask), he appreciates the capabilities of different technologies and al... Click to continue

Andrei Smirnov, Russia

Member since September 30, 2014
Andrei is a passionate full-stack software engineer with 20 years of experience who has worked for Microsoft, EMC, Motorola, Deutsche Bank, and other big-name brands. He has built a number of successful projects utilizing various software stacks, for mobile, desktop ... Click to continue