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Dathan Guiley, United States

Member since July 15, 2013
Dathan is a forward-thinking freelance software architect, developer, and leader with roots in effective software development. He has twenty years in the field and experience with in-house development and management work at top internet companies including Amazon, Ne... Click to continue

Gergely Szanto, Hungary

Member since May 18, 2017
Gergely is a senior full-stack software engineer with a decade of experience in multiple fields like startups, enterprise scale companies, universities, and his own projects. He specializes in building Node.js APIs and Angular front-end applications with JavaScript a... Click to continue

Keidrych Anton-Oates, Australia

Member since May 20, 2019
Along with empowering organizations to optimize speed, scale, and margin via Foggy Cloud structures with zero impact to production systems, Keidrych’s worked in containerization since 2013. He's recently ranked in the top ten for containerization at TechCrunch USA 20... Click to continue

Said Kholov, New Zealand

Member since September 14, 2015
Said is a professional software developer with a wide set of skills and experience in computer science. He went through all the steps, from developing small websites for local businesses to continuous growth and now developing APIs as well as large eCommerce and trav... Click to continue

Aleksandr Saraikin, Germany

Member since July 8, 2016
Aleksandr is a highly skilled solutions architect experienced in building highly available and scalable AWS-hosted solutions for software development and production. Having solid background as a back-end developer, he builds infrastructure that improves efficiency of... Click to continue

Marius Petroaie, Australia

Member since January 25, 2016
Over the past +10 years, Marius has developed cutting-edge software solutions for businesses in a wide range of industries including IT/telecommunication, real estate, warehousing/logistics, retail and wholesale, loyalty, event ticketing, and marketing. He specialize... Click to continue

Kris Read, Canada

Member since November 8, 2016
Kris is an experienced leader and engineer who can handle front-end, back-end, DevOps, and management roles. He's built startup companies, consulted with Fortune 500s, hired teams, scaled up, secured, and survived. Kris is passionate about continuous delivery, Lean ... Click to continue

Marcelo Luiz Onhate, Brazil

Member since October 22, 2018
Marcelo is an experienced chief software architect specializing in converting ideas and customer needs into scalable products. He’s collaborated with multiple Fortune Global 500 companies on global-level projects. Today, he works remotely building software solutions... Click to continue

Mateusz Jedrzejewski, United Kingdom

Member since February 6, 2017
Mateusz is a highly motivated software engineer with versatile skills and a lot of passion. He has deep understanding of both running computer systems and the software development processes. He loves challenging work, learning new things, and that feeling that he can... Click to continue