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Gordan Sikic, Croatia

Member since August 27, 2018
With over two decades of experience, Gordan is a veteran C++ software engineer with a strong background in numerical analysis and a passion for virtual reality, 3D graphics, and visual simulations. He is also experienced in mathematical modeling, CAD systems, and rea... Click to continue

Mihály Tringel, Hungary

Member since November 6, 2017
Mihály is a full-stack developer with 18 years of experience in software design, development, maintenance, and management. His expertise includes Azure, .NET Core, React/Redux, TypeScript, HTML5, MS SQL, Power BI, and Unity, as well as legacy technologies. He has mos... Click to continue

Aleksandr S. Shumilov, Russia

Member since December 24, 2015
Along with being a professional who continuously strives to learn more about anything related to his field of work, Alexander is a full-stack developer with several years of development experience with various technologies like JavaScript, PHP, and C++. He's currentl... Click to continue

Eduardo Kitamura Manrique, Brazil

Member since July 15, 2014
Eduardo is a developer with more than 12 years of experience—mostly working in Java, although he is very knowledgable about Python and JavaScript. He has worked on EJB, REST back-end services, SOA architecture, desktop and mobile apps, and web apps with a critical cl... Click to continue

Tomislav Trajkovski, Netherlands

Member since July 5, 2016
Tomislav is a technically-oriented software professional with 25 years of experience. With an entrepreneur's attitude, he's looking for opportunities to help his customers with tough software development challenges. Tomislav is an excellent communicator who will put ... Click to continue