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Patrick McCurley, United Kingdom

Member since March 22, 2016
Patrick is a Microsoft Technical Architect and full-stack developer with over a decade's worth of expertise. With experience ranging from startups, SMEs, and enterprise clients, Patrick is passionate about building highly complex and scalable solutions that delight u... Click to continue

Andy Schroeder, United States

Member since June 11, 2017
Andy graduated from Tabor College with a computer science degree and has been developing software professionally since. He has worked on most .Net technologies since their release and most recently, he has been developing with various JavaScript frameworks. Click to continue

Maksym Cherkasov, Ukraine

Member since May 26, 2015
Maksym is a responsible software developer with more than several years of experience. He's a quick learner with the ability to apply new knowledge quickly and deliver high-quality results. He's attentive to details and is a hard worker. Maksym is an open-minded team... Click to continue

Denis Jesus Gonzalez Sanchez, Mexico

Member since October 1, 2015
Denis is a certified C# specialist and MS certified professional with over a dozen years of experience in several programming languages and business domains. He thrives in challenging situations and easily becomes well-adjusted to new work environments. Denis possess... Click to continue