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Charles Naccio, United States

Member since November 10, 2016
Charles is a motivated senior Salesforce consultant and developer with over six years of experience, focused on finding new and creative ways of leveraging the Salesforce.com platform to address the ever-changing needs of business organizations. To top things off, he... Click to continue

Hardik Modi, Australia

Member since January 31, 2019
Along with a bachelor's degree in information technology, Hardik is a certified Salesforce application architect with over nine years of experience in Salesforce consultation, management, and development. He specializes in Salesforce architecture and solution creatio... Click to continue

Vlado Bosnjak, Croatia

Member since October 8, 2015
Vlado is a full-stack web developer who's been working as a freelancer since 2012—mainly focused on building websites using WordPress. Some of them are more web applications than sites, and this is why he considers WordPress as a framework just like any other. His pr... Click to continue

Kiril Chilingarashvili, Georgia

Member since December 30, 2015
Kiril is full-stack developer with expert knowledge of C#, JavaScript, and T-SQL. He has previously worked as a team leader, software architect, CTO, consultant, and developer on a number of projects for over 12 years. He cares about the projects he works on and come... Click to continue

Taha Holawala, Germany

Member since August 9, 2017
Taha is a six-time certified Salesforce developer who has worked on a variety of projects with clients across the globe, particularly in the financial domain. He is a certified platform developer and consultant with expertise in Apex, Visualforce Pages, JavaScript, a... Click to continue