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Avalon Swain, PMP, United States

Member since April 21, 2017
Avalon is a certified project manager, scrum master, and Salesforce consultant who's been planning and delivering Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud solutions for the past eight years—enabling organizations to achieve higher performance and me... Click to continue

Shawn Cureton, United States

Member since June 12, 2017
Shawn is an expert Salesforce Developer and Consultant with over five years of experience. The combination of his software development and consulting skillsets has helped him succeed in a leading technical role on several Salesforce projects. Shawn has worked on pr... Click to continue

Hardik Modi, Australia

Member since January 31, 2019
Along with a bachelor's degree in information technology, Hardik is a certified Salesforce application architect with over nine years of experience in Salesforce consultation, management, and development. He specializes in Salesforce architecture and solution creatio... Click to continue

Seth Boyd, United States

Member since January 24, 2019
Seth is a Salesforce consultant specializing in the process creation and implementation of data-driven businesses. With over five years of experience and a love for efficient problem solving, he would be a great addition to any project. Seth believes that communicati... Click to continue

Charles Naccio, United States

Member since November 10, 2016
Charles is a motivated senior Salesforce consultant and developer with over six years of experience, focused on finding new and creative ways of leveraging the Salesforce.com platform to address the ever-changing needs of business organizations. To top things off, he... Click to continue

Fahad Munawar Khan, Pakistan

Member since July 25, 2015
Fahad is a certified Salesforce and Force.com developer with more than six years of experience working on various client engagements in the web technology area. He takes pride in creating solutions that not only satisfy the requirements but also makes the best possib... Click to continue

Evgeny Soloho, Canada

Member since May 1, 2017
Evegny is a Salesforce subject matter expert with a successful 12-year track record of working hands-on in all aspects of Salesforce implementations (architecture, development, and enhancements). He is also a certified Salesforce platform app builder and senior devel... Click to continue

Victoria Ventura, Brazil

Member since July 1, 2016
Victoria is a veteran developer with eight Salesforce certifications who specializes in integrations from/to Salesforce. She has hands-on managed clients, delivered projects focused on the Salesforce CRM, and organized the customization and development of its Apex la... Click to continue

Roman Kudrin, Germany

Member since July 8, 2016
Roman is Salesforce application architect and developer with several years of experience as a technical consultant and business analyst for several companies. He is well-versed in best practices and an expert in business processes and requirement analysis as well as ... Click to continue

Taha Holawala, Germany

Member since August 9, 2017
Taha is a six-time certified Salesforce developer who has worked on a variety of projects with clients across the globe, particularly in the financial domain. He is a certified platform developer and consultant with expertise in Apex, Visualforce Pages, JavaScript, a... Click to continue

Thiyagarajan Selvaraj, United Kingdom

Member since September 16, 2018
Thiyagarajan is an experienced 19x certified salesforce.com developer with over seven years of experience specializing in the design, development, and implementation of Salesforce solutions. He is focused on finding new and creative ways of leveraging the force.com p... Click to continue