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Lawrence Zhou, United States

Member since June 27, 2018
Lawrence is a software developer and quantitative analyst with over 12 years of experience in software development and quantitative modeling. He's worked at Citigroup, Traxis Partners, as well as co-founding a Y-Combinator funded startup. Lawrence prefers projects th... Click to continue

Thibault Bronchain, Georgia

Member since December 20, 2015
Along with a growing fascination with entrepreneurship, Thibault is a technology enthusiast with experience in software and web engineering from development to deployment and back-end to DevOps. Since graduation, he's been working with a variety of companies across f... Click to continue

Richard Hardebeck, United Kingdom

Member since February 2, 2016
Richard has worked at a broad range of companies from small startups to large multinationals with often overlapping roles of software developer, quantitative analyst, and financial market professional. He is comfortable with all aspects of software development, from ... Click to continue

Eckart Schütz, Germany

Member since October 24, 2017
Eckart has over 20 years of experience developing back-end software with C++ in the telecommunications and financial services industries; he's also familiar with the ins and outs of Node.js and Angular 4. His experience ranges from embedded systems to big data platfo... Click to continue

Levon Arkelatyan, Armenia

Member since September 15, 2016
Levon has more than a decade of experience creating various software apps from mobile and web to EDA and trading systems. He began his career as a C++ developer then switched to back-end (PHP, Node.js) and iOS development. He has worked for big companies and small st... Click to continue

Predrag Grkovic, Cyprus

Member since May 31, 2019
Predrag is a very experienced software developer/architect with more than 20 years of experience in back-end projects, web applications, and mathematical modeling. He has a very strong mathematical background, confirmed at many international mathematical/physics comp... Click to continue

John Gibbons, United Kingdom

Member since September 23, 2017
Since 1997, John has been working as a professional software developer. He started his technical career as an Excel RAD developer at Goldman Sachs and moved up to work on the full-stack of large global distributed financial systems in .NET at a variety of tier 1 inst... Click to continue

Fredrik Håård, Sweden

Member since May 22, 2014
Fredrik is a developer with over ten years of contracting and entrepreneurial experience. He specializes in back-end product development and lifecycle maintenance in everything from cluster implementations in Telcom charging systems to full-stack product development ... Click to continue

Douglas Spencer, United States

Member since November 6, 2018
Douglas is an experienced consultant focused on DevOps, site reliability engineering, Kubernetes, Istio, Jenkins CI/CD, Linux, cloud, and automation. He has a range of skills gained from decades as a consultant that enable him to bring successful outcomes to difficul... Click to continue