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Jason RT Bond, Canada

Member since March 11, 2016
Jason has over a decade of experience in the video game, virtual reality, and augmented reality industry. He is an expert in the Unity Engine and can work with a wide variety of platforms (web, mobile, PC/Mac, game consoles). He prefers a multi-disciplinary approach—... Click to continue

Boris Sedov, Russia

Member since May 18, 2016
For the past eight years, Boris has worked as a full-stack developer (ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, iOS, and Swift) and has mainly worked with enterprises and startups; working for the past five as an outsourcer. He also an eCommerce frameworks expert who specializes in pa... Click to continue

Giedrius Tamulaitis, Lithuania

Member since December 21, 2017
Giedrius managed to accumulate extensive software development experience without losing the excitement of constantly learning new things. He loves to work on challenging projects and polish them to perfection. Giedrius has led several teams of developers and delivere... Click to continue

Vedran Skarica, Croatia

Member since July 28, 2015
Vedran is a skilled engineer with over a decade of experience in general software development, several years of experience in focused software product development, as well as several in Unity3D development. He works well both solo and in teams of any size. Click to continue