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Mateusz Jedrzejewski, United Kingdom

Member since February 6, 2017
Mateusz is a highly motivated software engineer with versatile skills and a lot of passion. He has deep understanding of both running computer systems and the software development processes. He loves challenging work, learning new things, and that feeling that he can... Click to continue

José María López, Spain

Member since November 23, 2017
José is a passionate and proactive person who continuously searches for the most cutting-edge technologies when solving complex problems. He's extremely familiar using Angular and Ruby on Rails as a powerful web pair, complemented with other modules such as D3.js. Jo... Click to continue

Christopher Ratcliff, United Kingdom

Member since January 27, 2016
As a highly experienced freelance software engineer, Christopher ensures that he keeps up to date with the latest technologies, and one of his greatest strengths is applying attention to the detail in designing and implementing innovative technical solutions that are... Click to continue