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Andrii Soldatenko, Ukraine

Member since October 3, 2013
Andrii is a blogger and speaker as well as an expert back-end developer with Python/C and Golang. He has extensive knowledge of the Docker and Kubernetes. He also has an interest in databases; you can find his talks about full-text search and SQL optimization based i... Click to continue

Romain Thalineau, Romania

Member since November 9, 2017
Romain is a seasoned data scientist and machine learning engineer with a Ph.D. in quantum physics and expertise in Python and the PyData stack. Having worked in three different countries for companies of all sizes, from startups to global organizations, Romain is a v... Click to continue

Ben Summers, Sweden

Member since April 26, 2019
With a PhD in pure maths, Ben would describe himself as an academic at heart, which means he’s deeply passionate about his work. Since finishing his PhD in 2012, he’s worked professionally as a back-end and data engineer for both a large global company and a small st... Click to continue

Rahadian Bayu Permadi, Indonesia

Member since April 27, 2015
Bayu has many years of experience in software engineering using open source technologies and various programming languages such as Python, Java, and Golang. The projects range from simple web apps to complex software incorporating big data and machine learning. Some ... Click to continue

Ghassan Hallaq, Canada

Member since May 16, 2019
Ghassan is senior solution architect with over 20 years of experience at companies like CN, Morgan Stanley, and TD Bank. He has also architected a lot of big data solutions, and he is an expert in applying AI and machine learning in his solutions. Click to continue

Akhil Lohia, India

Member since June 3, 2018
Akhil is a data scientist and economist by training with experience across academia and corporate projects. He has modeled large volumes of customer clickstream data for end-to-end machine learning pipelines using Spark and Python as well as census, questionnaire, an... Click to continue

Srinivasa Babu Garlapati, India

Member since February 28, 2016
Srinivas is a senior full-stack developer and data engineer with over eight years of experience; including having been part of Google Maps team and CTO of his own company. He’s architected and built applications mostly on the back end: web stacks, data analytics, dat... Click to continue