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Brandon Parise, United States

Member since January 29, 2017
Brandon is an AWS certified solutions architect with 16 years of professional experience in software engineering, digital marketing, and technical consulting. Along with having extensive experience across numerous programming languages and open-source technologies, B... Click to continue

Ana Helena Sánchez Ramírez, United States

Member since July 8, 2016
Ana is a mobile developer with a master’s degree in computer science and who understands the meaning of responsibility and good teamwork. Her recent accomplishments deal with Android/iOS implementations which commonly use MVC architecture and the REST API. Design wis... Click to continue

Matthew Zalewski, New Zealand

Member since July 10, 2015
Matthew has worked for over a decade in various web development roles. Experienced in both WordPress and Laravel-based projects, he has developed a deep understanding of both platforms. He currently focuses on React-based projects, often using either WordPress or Lar... Click to continue

Abhishek Jain, United Kingdom

Member since October 21, 2015
Abhishek has over 16 years of programming experience and over 8 years of web development experience, with a strong focus on front-end development. He has strong commercial experience in building high-traffic, responsive websites using JavaScript, ES6/7, React/Redux, ... Click to continue

Rinto Jose, India

Member since October 18, 2015
Rinto is a creative technology enthusiast and a full-stack developer with experience in JavaScript (focusing mainly on React, Angular), Node.js, Java, and other back-end technologies including Perl/Unix scripting and PL/SQL. Apart from being an active open source con... Click to continue

Chris Marshall, United States

Member since May 9, 2014
Chris is a senior software engineer. He works mainly as the lead developer for a large Ruby on Rails application serving tens of thousands of users and mobile clients per day. He also manages a cross-functional team of four other developers working on Android and Rub... Click to continue

Kleber Virgilio Correia, United Kingdom

Member since October 8, 2012
Kleber is a software developer with ten years of experience working professionally in IT. He enjoys sharing and acquiring knowledge in a broad range of topics, including Unix, Agile software development, functional and object-oriented languages, design patterns, REST... Click to continue