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Ana Helena Sánchez Ramírez, United States

Member since July 8, 2016
Ana is a mobile developer with a master’s degree in computer science and who understands the meaning of responsibility and good teamwork. Her recent accomplishments deal with Android/iOS implementations which commonly use MVC architecture and the REST API. Design wis... Click to continue

Sabry Ali, Canada

Member since April 4, 2019
Sabry has 16 years of professional programming experience, with the last nine focused on developing mobile applications for iOS. He has a strong portfolio of award-winning, and high-profile applications that have been featured by Apple in the US App Store for their q... Click to continue

Tomas Macek, Czech Republic

Member since January 20, 2016
Tomas has more than eight years of remote contract work experience as a developer. He has developed his workflow to be able to quickly and effectively deliver complete and polished end products and to clearly communicate the project's outputs. He has a strong passion... Click to continue