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Miran Brajsa

Verified Expert  in Engineering

iOS Developer

Zagreb, Croatia
Toptal Member Since
January 8, 2016

In his 30 years of programming experience (15 professionally), Miran has involved himself in everything from N-tier system builds, PKI smart cards for authentication and data storage, and iOS games and applications to leadership positions on development teams for large-scale projects. Miran aims to keep code execution speed, solid yet flexible code design, and an attractive and unique UI in balance.


Genius Ventures Inc
iOS, JavaScript, Node.js, Unreal Engine, GitHub, Terraform, Perforce, Python...
Content Creators Inc
iOS, Python, Git, GitHub, AVFoundation, UIKit, APIs, Cryptocurrency Development...
Verizon Media
Metrics, Git, iOS Instruments, Integration Testing, Unit Testing, Core Audio...




Preferred Environment

Terminal, Git, Xcode, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), iOS, OS X, Unreal Engine

The most amazing...

...thing I've created is a rendering system designed to present huge terrains in real time. Made for 2007's HW, it can render 40 million polygons in 40 FPS.

Work Experience

Tech Lead, Advisor, Project Lead, iOS/Back-end Developer, DevOps Engineer

2022 - PRESENT
Genius Ventures Inc
  • Acted as a tech/team leader and handled project management for a 30-member team of front-end and back-end developers, UE developers, a DevOps team, and artists.
  • Worked on proof-of-concept solutions in Unreal Engine, iOS, Node.js, Next.js, and Terraform. Explored use cases for AI in our work, such as using stable-diffusion for image rendering, AIVA for soundtracks, and similar.
  • Researched tech solutions for our internal pipeline refinement and system and deployment automation and suggested the system architecture.
Technologies: iOS, JavaScript, Node.js, Unreal Engine, GitHub, Terraform, Perforce, Python, AWS CLI, AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2, Amazon API, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Jira, AIVA, APIs, UIKit, Remote Team Leadership, Technical Leadership, Funnel Analysis, SDKs, Team Leadership, Automotive, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Houdini, Shaders, Reactive Programming, Code Review, System Architecture Design, System Architecture, Code Architecture, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Swift, Xcode, Project Management, 3D Modeling, Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), Concurrent Programming, Requirements Analysis, SourceTree, Games, MacOS, Slack, Sublime Text, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, API Integration, Mobile Development, Design, Figma, REST APIs, LangChain, OpenAI GPT-4 API, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Next.js, Unreal Engine 5, Blueprints Visual Scripting, Game Development

iOS Lead, Tech Lead, System Architect

2021 - 2022
Content Creators Inc
  • Was a part of the team that developed an iOS application for a video streaming platform. I upgraded their streaming capabilities and worked with back-end engineers to provide better HLS streaming capabilities.
  • Switched, after the initial HLS functionality was set up and working, to creating a video editor embedded in the app with capabilities of trimming/switching video tracks, adding labels to specific parts of the video, adding animated GIFs, and others.
  • Enhanced the application with NFT integration and wallet login. Used OpenSea, Magic Eden, and Etherscan APIs and contracts.
Technologies: iOS, Python, Git, GitHub, AVFoundation, UIKit, APIs, Cryptocurrency Development, Cryptocurrency Wallets, Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), Blockchain, Remote Team Leadership, Technical Leadership, Funnel Analysis, SDKs, Audio Engines, Core Audio, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Team Leadership, Audio Streaming, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Reactive Programming, Code Review, System Architecture Design, System Architecture, Code Architecture, Amazon Web Services (AWS), RxSwift, Swift, Xcode, Project Management, Concurrent Programming, Requirements Analysis, SourceTree, MacOS, Slack, Sublime Text, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, SwiftUI, API Integration, Video Streaming, Mobile Development, Design, Figma, REST APIs, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Game Development

iOS Developer, Tech Lead, Architect

2018 - 2021
Verizon Media
  • Acted as a team/tech lead for the AR SDK iOS team. Communicated with various teams (marketing, product, planning) and synchronized between-team tasks. Held candidate interviews and reported back to management.
  • Oversaw the development of an AR SDK that got integrated into Verizon Media's application ecosystems, such as Yahoo Sports/Finance/Weather/Mail.
  • Developed a networking management code segment that handled everything, from retries to caching, error handling, and more.
  • Created an action chaining system that would enable various sounds, animations, and properties to be chained in sequence and under specific conditions.
Technologies: Metrics, Git, iOS Instruments, Integration Testing, Unit Testing, Core Audio, Audio Engines, ARKit, iOS SceneKit, Remote Team Leadership, Team Leadership, Technical Leadership, Funnel Analysis, HSQL, Data Reporting, Google Data Studio, SDKs, System Architecture, Code Architecture, Objective-C, Xcode, Swift 5, Swift, GitLab, Continuous Delivery (CD), Mobile App Development, APIs, UIKit, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Shaders, Reactive Programming, Code Review, System Architecture Design, Python, RxSwift, GitHub, Project Management, 3D Modeling, Concurrent Programming, Requirements Analysis, SourceTree, iOS, Games, MacOS, Slack, Sublime Text, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, API Integration, Video Streaming, Mobile Development, Design, Figma, REST APIs, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Game Development

iOS Team/Tech Lead, Senior Developer, Software Architect

2013 - 2018
  • Led the iOS development department. Acted as the iOS technical lead.
  • Led an eight-month-long chatbot/back-end project in Node.js (AWS) for Marriott International. From back-end development, databases, bot flow scripting, and NLP to sentiment analysis, the project involved almost everything.
  • Led a year-long iOS/web game development team in a VSP-based product for discovering sight deficiencies while playing computer games.
  • Contributed to the iOS app Learn Languages by Rosetta Stone.
  • Worked on CiLabs' suite of iOS conference apps, like Web Summit, Collision, RISE, MoneyConf, and SURGE.
  • Led a team of seven people during the creation of the Ministry of Sound iOS mobile app. Implemented Chromecast support and prepared the app for vehicle dashboard integration (Ford, Rover, and Jaguar).
  • Rewrote the Croatian National Tourist Board iOS mobile app using upgraded design and coding standards.
  • Led the technical aspects of various projects and all projects as a whole.
  • Contributed to SOAP service design and created an iOS shopping app.
  • Created an audio player engine as well as an offline data caching mechanism. Made an active m3u8 parser for HLS audio support. Gained proficiency in reproducing various HTTP audio streaming formats.
Technologies: Metrics, iOS Instruments, Code Architecture, SDKs, Technical Leadership, Team Leadership, Amazon Web Services (AWS), iOS SceneKit, Api.ai, JavaScript, C, Objective-C, SQLite, Bash, Chromecast, MySQL, Node.js, RxSwift, OS X, Swift, iOS, Git, Xcode, 2D Games, Jenkins, Cocos2d-JS, ReactiveCocoa, OpenGL ES, Chatbots, Facebook Messenger API, Google Analytics, Mobile App Development, Mobile Game Development, APIs, UIKit, In-app Purchases, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Audio Streaming, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Reactive Programming, Code Review, System Architecture Design, System Architecture, Python, GitHub, Project Management, 3D Modeling, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Concurrent Programming, Requirements Analysis, SourceTree, Games, MacOS, Slack, Sublime Text, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, API Integration, Video Streaming, Mobile Development, Design, Figma, REST APIs, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Game Development


2009 - 2013
PKE Systems
  • Helped rewrite an existing C-based server engine into C++.
  • Upgraded and maintained a PKI smart card CMS system used for personalized systems.
  • Wrote SOAP server execution scripts for CMS system interaction.
  • Developed a proprietary server/dispatcher/client system with load-balancing support.
  • Helped upgrade and port a Linux-based UI editor to Windows, using an open-source UI component library.
Technologies: Git, Panther Tool Suite, IBM Informix, wxWidgets, Boost, Python, Boost.Build, C, C++, Windows, APIs, UIKit, SDKs, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Code Review, System Architecture Design, Code Architecture, GitHub, 3D Modeling, PostgreSQL, IBM Informix Dynamic Server, Subversion (SVN), Concurrent Programming, Requirements Analysis, Games, MacOS, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, API Integration, Mobile Development, Game Development

Junior Developer

2008 - 2009
CS Computer Systems
  • Designed a CMS system for multimedia-based articles.
  • Created CMS plugins for various multimedia item processing.
  • Integrated a video clip processing engine with the CMS.
  • Mentored a teammate during the creation of an administrator section of the CMS.
  • Worked on improving a company website by creating a cross-team chat service.
Technologies: IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, C#, ASP.NET, Active Server Pages (ASP), Windows, APIs, Full-stack, Full-stack Development

Web and Back-end Developer

2004 - 2007
  • Developed the Trouble ticketing system for the university's network.
  • Created a network node fallout-point detection and graph formation.
  • Designed surveillance scripts for network traffic monitoring.
  • Helped construct the NOC MON intranet. This included various scripting, scheduling, and Linux-based system distribution.
  • Created a script for collecting router diagnostic information.
Technologies: JavaScript, MySQL, Perl, PHP, MySQL Daemon, Linux, APIs, Full-stack, Full-stack Development

An Interactive Book Engine Made in Unreal Engine

The interactive book engine was made in Unreal Engine 4. It features per-page 3D model creation, animation sequencing, parallax, soundtracks, and various particle and other effects. The engine also supports multiple languages as well as in-app purchases.

My role was that of a product/project lead where I've directed the development and planning process for a team of two developers, an illustrator, two translators (for Russian and Japanese book versions), and a marketing specialist.

Due to a meticulous planning process, the project got converted to a book-making engine which enabled the client to white-label it. This, in turn, allowed the client to offer it to multiple publishing companies.

The first book published using the engine is Tales of the Wind–the book of myths and legends.

The Shine

The Shine is an iOS arcade game

As a night elf, your goal is to steal the light of all of the living creatures you encounter, thus prolonging the night. But beware—once the sun rises, you'll be disintegrated because, as with all of the night's creatures, you can't exist during daylight.

I'm currently acting as a project manager and product/team lead on the project. The team's setup is an illustrator, three developers, and a commercialist.

An Interactive AR-based Assembly Tool

The application is intended as a helper tool to put various things together, whether a toy car model, a Lego model, or a cupboard purchased in IKEA. ARKit is used for real-life object recognition and 3D object rendering on top of the real-life object.

The process itself is divided into two steps. The first step is determining the exact position, scale, and orientation of the scanned object. Once ARKit detects the object—let's say it's a car model chassis—it places the roof and other parts into the scene. The user can then select the virtual objects and assemble them over the real-life object so, when seen through the phone screen, it seems as the object's been assembled in real life.

I've acted as a project lead and sole developer while continually maintaining communication with the company owner and the marketing team.

A White-label Prototype eCommerce Application

The application includes a feature to browse/upload various 3D object models (.obj and .stl) and to preview them in AR/3D with the option of scaling. It includes the option of printing the scaled 3D models you test out in the AR environment. It also has a back-end component written in Node.js, hosted on a Firebase cloud. The back-end component connects the iOS application with the Stripe API.

I've been the sole developer on the project and acted as a client consultant.

Marriott Careers Job Search Chatbot

A chatbot developed over the course of eight months, which helps users find their ideal position within Marriott International.

I contributed as the lead developer/architect. I was involved in creating production/staging AWS environments, writing back-end logic in Node.js, writing bot flows in Rivescript (on Rundexter platform), NPL (on Dialogflow, former API.ai), sentiment analysis, database schema, and more.

Ministry of Sound LIVE

This iOS app made for the legendary Ministry of Sound club in London featured live HLS streaming as well as on-demand HLS audio content in more than twelve channels. It also featured Jaguar/Rover/Ford car dashboard integrations along with auxiliary devices support such as Chromecast, FireTV, and more.

It was unfortunately taken offline due to business reasons, but one can see its design in this article: http://www.digitalspy.com/music/news/a677135/ministry-of-sound-launches-247-live-streaming-app/

The live link shows one of its awesome animations—a visual spectrum analyzer.

My role was that of a project lead where I've closely collaborated with product owners and the project manager. I've also been responsible for synchronizing tasks between project teams (Fire TV, iOS, Android, Car integrations) and creating a core audio engine module for the iOS version of the product.

Smart Way

A logical puzzle game where the goal is to capture the critters trying to escape the game board. We paid a lot of attention to details such as ambient sounds, critter idle animations, and sounds. The game features three worlds and six different creatures.

I've acted as a lead developer (in a team of two) and a project manager for development, design, and marketing teams.

Col the Colourful Cat

An arcade game where the player helps an old theatre cat bring back colors to the world by collecting rainbow particles and jumping over obstacles. The game contains a lot of subtle humor.

My role was that of a project manager for a team of one illustrator, one marketing specialist, and one developer (myself).

Dubrovnik Walls Audio Tour

This is a 3D interactive application where a user can listen to stories about Dubrovnik Fortification's 24 localities in more than seven languages. It also allows the user to see the whole city of Dubrovnik in 3D along with hearing a detailed narration presented by native speakers. An additional feature is a seagull-takeover which allows you free movement throughout the whole city.

My role as a project manager included synchronizing a team of three developers.

Fun fact: The city model is the one used in The Game of Thrones to represent King's Landing. It was offered as a courtesy of the company that created it. But of course, we've needed to drastically cut down the polygon count to make it run on iOS and Android devices.
2000 - 2008

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing - Zagreb, Croatia


Core Audio, RxSwift, REST APIs, Alamofire, OctoPrint API, Stripe API, Stripe Connect, Firebase iOS SDK, Facebook Messenger API, Wit.ai, Node.js, wxWidgets, Parse SDK, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Amazon API, Vimeo API


iOS Instruments, Jira, Bitbucket, GitHub, Git, Subversion (SVN), Redmine, SourceTree, Xcode, Perforce, Figma, Boost.Build, Dialogflow, Slack, Sublime Text, GitLab, Jenkins, AWS CLI, Terminal, Houdini, Blender, Google Analytics, Terraform


ARKit, Cocos2d, UIKit, iOS SceneKit, Cocos2d-x, AFNetworking, Core Data, ReactiveCocoa, Metal, Unreal Engine, ASP.NET, Boost, SwiftUI, Next.js


Swift 5, Swift, JavaScript, Objective-C, JavaScript 6, C, Python, C++, Bash, PHP, Perl, Active Server Pages (ASP), C#


Requirements Analysis, Promise, Reactive Programming, Concurrent Programming, Model View ViewModel (MVVM), Unit Testing, Mobile Development, Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Integration (CI)


iOS, OS X, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Firebase, Api.ai, Windows, Cocos2d-JS, MacOS, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2, Android, Linux, Blockchain


MySQL, IBM Informix, IBM Informix Dynamic Server, MySQL Daemon, SQLite, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Microsoft SQL Server, HSQL, PostgreSQL

Industry Expertise

Project Management, Automotive


Team Leadership, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), In-app Purchases, Mobile App Development, Mobile Game Development, SDKs, Technical Leadership, Remote Team Leadership, Metrics, System Architecture, System Architecture Design, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Integration Testing, Code Architecture, Code Review, AVFoundation, Character Creator, Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), APIs, API Integration, Video Streaming, LangChain, OpenAI GPT-4 API, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Blueprints Visual Scripting, Game Development, Panther Tool Suite, 3D Modeling, Audio Streaming, Google Data Studio, Audio Engines, Data Reporting, Stripe Payments, Stripe Marketplace, Chatbots, Games, 2D Games, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Design, Unreal Engine 5, IIS, Chromecast, Shaders, Deployment, Funnel Analysis, 3D Printing, Slackbot, Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), Cryptocurrency Wallets, Cryptocurrency Development, AIVA, iOS Games

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