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Krzysztof Makowski, Poland

Member since August 20, 2015
Krzysztof is a software developer with several years of experience—mostly in Java back-end projects, but he's also familiar with front-end and DevOps technologies. He's worked in all sorts of industries (finance and tech among others) with notable clients like Sony, ... Click to continue

Patryk Matuszewski, Poland

Member since December 18, 2013
Patryk is a software engineer who loves creating new things. He develops efficient solutions to meet client requirements. He enjoys helping clients come up with clear visions of their needs. He loves to make the whole development process clear and efficient, implemen... Click to continue

Marko Ciric, Serbia

Member since April 18, 2015
Marko is a software developer with six years of working experience developing Java EE applications with strong algorithms and data structure background, covering all phases of the software development lifecycle. He has the ability to work in a team or individually an... Click to continue

Jorge Nicolás Cellerino, Argentina

Member since January 12, 2016
Jorge has many years of experience working with Java and related frameworks like Spring and Hibernate, lately focused on Agile methodologies for building RESTful web services for mobile and web applications. Jorge is responsible, proactive, and fast learner, committe... Click to continue