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George Rabanca, United States

Member since June 18, 2015
George has 7 years of experience developing Java and Python web applications as well as outstanding theoretical foundations. He has published 6 academic papers on optimization algorithms and data mining in international journals and conferences. He has a broad set of skills, ranging from developing and proving bounds for optimization algorithms to analyzing large sets of data and developing machine learning modules for autonomous robots.Click to continue

Roderick Hodgson, United Kingdom

Member since July 14, 2016
Roderick is a full-stack developer with over 10 years applied research and product development experience. He has successfully delivered a number of diverse projects. These range from a machine learning platform deployed at scale for the BBC to an innovative secure communication product deployed in a start-up where he had a leadership role.Click to continue

David Richter, Germany

Member since November 26, 2015
David has over ten years of experience in software engineering and about seven years with .NET, C# and ASP.NET. He's worked on projects of all sizes while also passionately following his own entrepreneurial adventures, which has given him a deep understanding of UI/UX, product design, and sales/marketing.Click to continue

Greg Navis, Poland

Member since September 19, 2016
Greg loves tech, but he also enjoys focusing on business results and the customer experience. He's helped companies to process millions of euros a year, enter new markets, reduce technical support overhead 10x, shorten the QA cycle from weeks to minutes, and contributed to the bottom line in other ways. Areas, where he can provide the most value, is in business/financial software. He started programming at 7 and holds a master's in mathematics.Click to continue

Sonja Milicic, Netherlands

Member since January 13, 2016
Sonja has been a full-stack developer for over a decade, specialized primarily in developing business applications using Java and related technologies. She also has a few years' experience with Python/Django, as well as mobile application development for Android. She has worked as a developer and project manager in small and medium sized teams, and has extensive experience in communicating with clients and understanding their requirements.Click to continue

Filipe Waitman, Brazil

Member since November 8, 2015
Filipe has more than seven years of experience with Python​ and Django/Pyramid frameworks. He is also an Agile methodologies enthusiast. In addition, he has worked as both a team technical leader and as a scrum master. At the moment, he is aiming to work in Europe, but any project that challenges him where he can work remotely is more than welcome. He communicates and collaborates well with teams of all sizes.Click to continue

Tony Calleri França, Brazil

Member since November 28, 2014
Tony is a professional software engineer capable of web development--especially with AngularJS and Django--and creating simple architectures for complex problems. He can motivate, teach, and influence people to be better programmers, design and understand business processes, improve a team's development process, and automate your build/deployment pipeline.Click to continue

Bruno Furtado Montes Oliveira, Brazil

Member since September 23, 2015
Bruno is an electronic and computer engineer working with software development. Recently he has been delivering projects built with Continuous Integration, Code Profiling tools, and Agile boards for project and issues tracking. His coding lexicon includes DB (SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL), the back-end (C++'s Qt, C#, .NET 4.5, Java's Spring with Hibernate and Maven, Python, and Ruby on Rails), and the front-end (AngularJS/Materials).Click to continue

An Overview of Python Development

Python is a high-level language for general purpose programming, and since it was launched in 1991, it’s one of few programming languages that’s actually older than some of the developers using it. However, Python has evolved to keep up with industry demand, and today is a widely used back-end solution capable of crunching a lot of data and processing high-volume traffic.

Python is often perceived as a general purpose language, but it’s often employed for web development in specific use-cases. While it’s not optimized for web development, Python developers can use a number of full-stack web frameworks to produce robust and complex websites capable of handling large volumes of traffic, complex calculations, and data. Moving beyond web applications, Python is also used as an embedded scripting language in all sorts of professional and entertainment software, ranging from 3D design suites to gaming.

At Toptal, you’ll connect with top hand-picked freelance Python developers from our network, trusted by top companies on their most mission critical Python development projects.

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