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Keidrych Anton-Oates, Australia

Member since May 20, 2019
Along with empowering organizations to optimize speed, scale, and margin via Foggy Cloud structures with zero impact to production systems, Keidrych’s worked in containerization since 2013. He's recently ranked in the top ten for containerization at TechCrunch USA 20... Click to continue

Sergey Nazarov, United States

Member since March 6, 2018
Sergey is a seasoned DevOps with more than a decade of experience building infrastructures for large-scale web projects. With a background in cybersecurity and server-side development, he's successfully built secure, fault-tolerant, and scalable solutions running on ... Click to continue

Felipe Carvalho Cruxen, Brazil

Member since December 14, 2018
Felipe has spent more than 20 years in information technology (IT) with about half of it working as a developer and the other half in DevOps. During those years, he’s seen the good, the bad, and the ugly while working for mid-sized to large companies. Felipe communic... Click to continue

Dmitriy Kononov, Kyrgyzstan

Member since May 3, 2018
Dmitriy is a software developer and an enthusiastic promoter of useful DevOps practices and tools including CI/CD, infrastructure management bots, Terraform, Kubernetes, and more. He is focused on infrastructure cost reduction and high-volume instance management, and... Click to continue

Charlie Holland, United Kingdom

Member since May 16, 2018
Charlie has been a Microsoft-stack developer for the past 20+ years with a primary focus on back-end and familiarity with front-end technologies. He has been working with Azure developing SaaS products since 2011 and has additional experience in SharePoint and Office... Click to continue

Ivan Kropotov, Russia

Member since December 21, 2015
Lately, Ivan's been building and maintaining Kubernetes clusters in AWS and related DevOps tasks for a highly loaded telecommunication project—reaching better performance, an infrastructure cost reduction, and a more reliable deploy process. He also has been developi... Click to continue

Seva Safris, Germany

Member since April 23, 2014
With 20 years of industry experience, Seva is a veteran of both enterprise and startups. A UC Berkeley graduate in EECS and MSE, Seva's tenacity and work ethic precedes his acclaim. His impressive, fast-track leadership career is marked by proven ability to motivate ... Click to continue