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Fabrice Triboix, DevOps Developer in London, United Kingdom
Fabrice Triboix

DevOps Developer in London, United Kingdom

Member since July 4, 2017
Fabrice is a DevOps engineer with 20+ years of experience. He's worked for clients such as Cisco, Samsung, Philips, Alcatel, Sagem, etc. He specializes in designing highly available services, Docker, immutable architectures, CI/CD, infrastructure as code, AWS, and any sysadmin task on Linux. Fabrice has also assumed managerial positions on previous projects as a team leader and release manager.
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  • G4S
    Linux, Ubuntu, Python, Python 3, C++, C++11, Git, Docker, DBus
  • Cisco
    Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Python, Coverity, Jenkins, Black Duck...
  • V-Nova
    C++, C++11, Linux, Git, H.264, Agile, Scrum, STL, Boost, Ftrace, KernelShark...


  • Docker, 3 years
  • MySQL, 3 years
  • Ansible, 2 years
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), 2 years
  • Prometheus, 1 year
  • ELK (Elastic Stack), 1 year
  • Kubernetes, 1 year
  • Terraform, 1 year
London, United Kingdom



Preferred Environment


The most amazing...

...thing I've designed/implemented was a controller for a radiotherapy machine—setting up the tools, guidelines, and code standards for the whole software team.


  • Senior Software Engineer

    2017 - 2017
    • Added new features to an access control system written in C++11 and Python 3.
    Technologies: Linux, Ubuntu, Python, Python 3, C++, C++11, Git, Docker, DBus
  • DevOps Engineer

    2016 - 2017
    • Worked as part of the system team—releasing STB software to a major EU broadcaster.
    • Helped design and implement a black box STB test framework written in Python.
    • Set up and maintained a variety of software tools to enable the smooth running of the continuous integration and development/testing work.
    • Set up Coverity static analysis and nightly automation using Jenkins.
    • Set up Black Duck open source code matching.
    • Configured Nagios and set up of NRPE with custom Git checks.
    • Implemented various Cron/Jenkins jobs in Bash/Python to automate tasks.
    • Installed and configured a DHCP server.
    • Worked within a Scrum process with six weeks iterations, and the team was spread over three countries.
    • Worked with a code base with 20 million+ lines of code.
    • Detected and responded to system problems.
    Technologies: Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Python, Coverity, Jenkins, Black Duck, Continuous Integration, Scrum, Bash, Python, iptables/Netfilter, NMap, Git, Rally, VMware ESXi, vSphere Web Client, Elasticsearch/Logstash/Kibana, ELK, Rally
  • Release Manager

    2015 - 2016
    • Worked on the Perseus-based contribution encoder.
    • Acted as the link (release manager) between the development and the product teams.
    • Translated high-level business requirements into technical requirements.
    • Established timelines and work breakdown structures in collaboration with the development team.
    • Reported on the progress on a weekly basis and detected and reported impeding difficulties.
    • Devised an Agile process with weekly iterations (based on Scrum).
    • Changed the supplier of video cards to a cheaper product with much better support.
    • Coded new features; including debugging and fixing of bugs and also integrated a TS muxer.
    Technologies: C++, C++11, Linux, Git, H.264, Agile, Scrum, STL, Boost, Ftrace, KernelShark, MPEG-TS
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2013 - 2015
    Ovation Systems Ltd
    • Worked on the next generation of surveillance camera running on ARM9 with embedded Linux.
    • Designed and developed the subsystems managing the date/time, mass storage, and multiplexing of the audio (AAC) and video (H.264) into a Flash file (FLV).
    • Implemented automated unit-testing for the above subsystems.
    Technologies: C, ARM9, Embedded Linux, Git, H.264, FLV, SQLite
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2013 - 2013
    • Investigated and analyzed the performance of the OpenGL stack for WebKit.
    Technologies: OpenGL, WebKit
  • Lead Software Engineer

    2011 - 2013
    • Worked on a modulator for a radiotherapy cancer treatment machine.
    • Worked with a team of 15 people (including five who were under my direct management).
    • Developed software that controls the modulator, from requirements to specifications, design, implementation, unit tests, and integration tests.
    • Made all the critical decisions: choosing the programming language (C++), software compilation suite, coding standards, and RTOS vs bare metal.
    • Defined C++ coding guidelines adapted to this high-integrity software.
    • Designed the software architecture, including the structure of a 1 kHz control loop with hard real-time requirements.
    • Verified the progress against time estimates and regularly reported to the project manager.
    • Demonstrated successfully a proof of concept.
    Technologies: C++, Project Management, Team Leading, Software Architecture, TI DSP TMS320F28335, BeagleBone, Embedded Linux, SVN, Redmine, UML, TCP/IP, XML, I2C, SPI, RS232, RS422, Code Composer Studio, Embedded C, ASM, Bare Metal, DOORS
  • Software Engineer

    2010 - 2010
    AB Tools
    • Made modifications to the Icecast MP3 server to seamlessly insert audio ads for internet radio.
    Technologies: C, Icecast, HTTP, MP3, AAC
  • Software Engineer

    2009 - 2010
    • Worked on the next generation of a portable appliance tester running on Integrity.
    • Designed and developed some GUI screens and widgets.
    • Designed and developed C++ classes to access SQLite databases; also designed the database schemas.
    • Proposed an agile iterative software development process; it was partially adopted.
    • Developed a USB printer class driver.
    • Developed a Win32 PC application allowing the user to upgrade the PAT SW.
    • Developed various device drivers: SPI driver, RTC driver, keyboard driver, and more.
    • Made some modifications in U-Boot.
    • Developed a .NET PC application to automate the programming of boards.
    Technologies: Green Hills Systems, Rhapsody, C++, C#, Win32 API, Visual Studio, Agile, UML, MS Project, C, Integrity, .NET, U‑Boot, SQLite, USB
  • Software Engineer

    2007 - 2009
    • Performed various jobs on the next generation of IPTV STB, including a CA integration and MPEG Demux driver.
    Technologies: C, IPTV, MPEG-2, CA, Embedded Linux, Linux Kernel, ST7109
  • Software Engineer

    2006 - 2007
    Imagination Technologies
    • Integrated GStreamer to the next generation of digital radios able to play internet audio streams.
    • Developed the following: an RTSP/RTP/RDT stack, ASF Demux, Real Media Demux, and a HTTP streaming client.
    Technologies: C, SHOUTcast, RTSP, RTP/RTCP, RDT, GStreamer, Linux, MP3, WMA, ASF, Real Media, GLib
  • Software Engineer

    2006 - 2006
    NXP Semiconductors
    • Upgraded some software drivers from an old STB to a new one running on Linux.
    Technologies: C, Montavista, Linux Kernel, MIPS, JTAG, Serial Lines, Continuous
  • Software Engineer

    2006 - 2006
    • Developed some test tools to test STB drivers that wwere developed by STB manufacturers for the US digital TV market.
    Technologies: C, DirecTV, PVCS, ST20, MIPS, JTAG, ARM9, Lauterbach, MPEG-2
  • Software Engineer

    2005 - 2006
    • Developed various software components for a tiny WiFi board.
    • Delivered successfully an SW—allowing the demonstration of the smallest WiFi board on the market to a key trade exhibition.
    Technologies: C, Green Hills System, Interpeak TCP/IP, ARM7, WiFi
  • Networking Software Engineer

    2004 - 2005
    • Wrote for an ADSL modem a Linux Bluetooth API calling VxWorks.
    • Developed an ethernet bridge making use of the network processor.
    Technologies: C, Embedded Linux, Linux Kernel, VxWorks, Ethernet, TCP/IP, MIPS
  • Software Engineer

    2003 - 2004
    Philips CE
    • Worked on the next generation of high-end Philips Digital TV.
    • Integrated the VxWorks USB stack.
    • Developed various plug-ins.
    Technologies: C, VxWorks, USB, Continuus, MIPS, TriMedia, CMM level 3, EJTAG
  • Software Engineer

    2003 - 2003
    Reuters Financial Software
    • Maintained a server providing access services to an Oracle database.
    Technologies: C++, TIBCO Rendezvous, Hawk, Oracle, Solaris, STL, Design Patterns, CVS
  • Validation Manager

    2002 - 2002
    • Managed the validation of a test bench of a missile launching system.
    Technologies: C, CVS, TCP/UDP/IP, MIL-STD-498, VxWorks, Linux, Solaris, RPM, Team Lead
  • Software Engineer

    2001 - 2002
    Philips MP4NET
    • Developed a network tool to replicate a distant video session.
    • Maintained a video streaming server.
    Technologies: C, C++, RTSP, RTP/RTCP, Shell Script, CVS, Linux, Solaris, TCP/UDP/IP, RPM
  • Software Engineer

    2000 - 2001
    Alcatel Optronics
    • Developed software that was embedded on transmitting laser chips to control the laser's wavelength.
    Technologies: C, PIC 16F877, IAR Complier Tools, MPLAB Emulator, Oscilloscope
  • Software Engineer

    1998 - 2000
    • Developed various software modules embedded on military vehicles and planes.
    Technologies: C, Linux, TI C31, DOS, Serial Links, Shell Script, XFree86, RPM, CVS, Solaris


  • Modernize Web Infrastructure (Development)

    SIBOTest needed to move away from a monolithic and fragile approach of having everything on one server and wanted to up their game as a startup.

    I proposed an overhaul of the internal structure of the web app to use microservices based on Docker, so that the architecture would be robust and scalable.

    Work Done:
    · Introduced load balancers with SSL termination.
    · Separated the production and staging environments.
    · Moved the MySQL databases to a separate subnet, using MySQL NDB Cluster.
    · Dockerized their Ruby on Rails application.
    · Set up a continuous-integration system based on Jenkins to automatically build the Docker images.
    · Wrote Ansible scripts to automate the provisioning of new servers and deployment of the docker images.
    · Ensured an air-tight security of the overall infrastructure.

    In the end, this multitier architecture was working very nicely, with no reported downtime.

  • Monitoring of Web Apps (Development)

    MyDocSafe needed some expert help to design monitoring system suited to their application. Indeed, they experienced a lot of instability, server crashes, and performance problems.

    Work Done:
    · Wrote Ansible playbooks and roles to install CloudWatch Agent and create CloudWatch alarms to alert ops team by email and SMS through Amazon SNS.
    · Implemented a forensic analysis as to why an Apache server kept crashing and remedied the situation by optimizing Apache's configuration.
    · Wrote Ansible playbooks and roles to automatically run certbot using DNS challenge and manage the generated certificates
    · Investigated MySQL performance problems using a slow query log.
    · Installed and configured an ELK stack to centralize logs and generate alerts on Slack using ElastAlert.
    - Installed and configured a Prometheus stack to monitor web services and generate alerts on Slack.

    After a couple of months, the Apache server hasn't crashed, while this was a weekly occurrence before.

    Now the DevOps team is notified, in real-time, of software bugs that affect the user experience and when certain web services are down.

  • Set up CI/CD Pipelines for a Startup (Development)

    PSD2Enabler required the setup of CI/CD pipelines on Gitlab for various projects.

    Work Done:
    · Set up a GitLab pipeline to build and deploy an app to AWS using Terraform and Ansible.
    · Set up a GitLab pipeline to build and deploy an app to a Kubernetes cluster hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.
    · Set up a GitLab pipeline to build and deploy an app to a Kubernetes cluster hosted on AWS EKS.

  • e2v | Complex Medical Product (Development)

    Our client needed to develop specialized embedded software for a complex radiotherapy product but the lack of internal expertise on embedded software was compromising delivery timescales. I was selected to deliver a software solution.

    Work Done:
    · Reassessed the technical requirements.
    · Produced the work breakdown structure.
    · Hired additional resources.
    · Wrote the coding guidelines
    · Designed the software architecture.
    · Led a team of five.
    · Engaged with third-party suppliers.
    · The project was completed on time.
    · Supported the implementation of a comprehensive, best practice software development process.

  • Cisco | DevOps Engineering and Python Development (Development)

    I worked as part of the system team who released set-top-box software to a major EU broadcaster.

    Work Done:
    · Set up and maintained a variety of software tools to enable the smooth running of the continuous integration process.
    · Set up the Coverity static analysis and enabled nightly automation using Jenkins
    · Set up BlackDuck open source code matching.
    · Configured Nagios and set up an NRPE with custom Git checks.
    · Set up various Cron/Jenkins jobs with Bash/Python to automate tasks.
    · Worked in a Scrum process with three-week iterations with a team spread over three countries.
    · Worked with a code base of 20 million+ lines of code.
    · Detected and responded to the system problems.

    Technologies: Linux, CentOS, Coverity, Jenkins, Black Duck, Continuous Integration, Scrum, Bash, Python, iptables/Netfilter, Nmap, Git, Rally


  • Tools

    Ansible, Terraform, GitLab CI/CD, Nginx, ELK (Elastic Stack), Jenkins
  • Platforms

    Docker, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kubernetes
  • Other

    TCP/IP, SSL, Prometheus, MPEG
  • Languages

    Bash Script, Python
  • Storage

    MySQL, Google Cloud


  • Master of Science degree in Computer Sciences Applied to Earth Sciences
    1995 - 1998
    Pierre and Marie Curie University - Paris, France
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