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Miroslav Braun, Croatia

Member since March 24, 2016
Since 2009, Miroslav has been working as a professional full-stack developer—developing web applications with modern technologies. He is a great team player yet no stranger to handling solo projects with ease. Given the broad spectrum of full-stack development, he ca... Click to continue

Radomir Perišić, Serbia

Member since May 15, 2015
Radomir is a JavaScript developer with several years of hands-on experience. Recently, the bulk of his work consists of mostly Node.js and React-based projects and hybrid apps. With a lengthy career though, Radomir is experienced with TypeScript, Node.js services/mic... Click to continue

Teimur Gasanov, Kyrgyzstan

Member since March 30, 2018
Teimur is a purposeful full-stack developer who's worked mostly with JavaScript, Go, and Python. He's also experienced in setting up environments with Docker and creating CI/CD using Jenkins. While a relatively new to this particular field, Teimur is also enthusiasti... Click to continue

Vladimir Novoselov, Russia

Member since June 7, 2016
Vladimir is a full-stack software engineer in the complete meaning of those words. He's developed circuit boards intended to be used in harsh conditions and written embedded software for those boards. He worked on software for scientific equipment and desktop/mobile ... Click to continue

Sergey Eremeev, Russia

Member since March 29, 2016
Sergey has nearly a decade of experience in web development working with teams on projects that have shaped the industry—such as large-scale eCommerce platforms serving as outlets for giants like Walmart and small-scale web apps which helped secure contracts with com... Click to continue

Andy Potanin, United States

Member since January 30, 2018
Andy is a businessman who understands the fundamentals of business and who knows how to code. Overall, he's very experienced in nearly all aspects of contemporary web development, deployment, DevOps, and the elements of building a solid stack that can scale. Early on... Click to continue