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Irune Itoiz, Sweden

Member since February 19, 2016
Irune is a motivated and skilled back-end web developer with 11 years of commercial experience specializing in open source technologies such as WordPress, Magento, and PHP development using a variety of frameworks. The code she writes is very structured, commented, a... Click to continue

Philip Bennett, Germany

Member since September 13, 2017
Phil is an experienced web developer with 17 years of experience in PHP and WordPress. Focusing on high-quality hyper-performance deliveries, Phil is a pragmatic technologist who chooses the right technology and applies it effectively to deliver projects on time and ... Click to continue

Mateusz Wojczal, Poland

Member since October 22, 2016
Mateusz is a full-stack web developer with 11 years of experience. Starting as an ActionScript developer, he has experience with PHP and JavaScript as well, building websites and applications. Since 2011, he has led software house Qunabu Interactive. He communicates ... Click to continue