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Andras Fuchs, Hungary

Member since May 26, 2016
Andras is one of the very first Toptal certified Blockchain specialists and he's also a Microsoft Certified .NET Application Developer. He enjoys being part of a successful high performing team delivering a positive impact for businesses on a global scale. Besides hi... Click to continue

Radek Ostrowski, Australia

Member since July 25, 2014
Radek is a certified Toptal Blockchain Engineer particularly interested in Ethereum and smart contracts. In the fiat world, he is experienced in big data/machine learning projects. He is a triple winner in two different international IBM Apache Spark competitions, co... Click to continue

Andrii Soldatenko, Ukraine

Member since October 3, 2013
Andrii is a blogger and speaker as well as an expert back-end developer with Python/C and Golang. He has extensive knowledge of the Docker and Kubernetes. He also has an interest in databases; you can find his talks about full-text search and SQL optimization based i... Click to continue

Debersom Tadashi Murashige, Brazil

Member since July 31, 2013
Debersom won a TK90X in the late 80's, opening up coding as a whole new passion for him that grew into his favorite pastime. He's worked in telecoms and bank automation for the past 15 years as a developer, and currently develops high-performance systems for stock tr... Click to continue