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Aminadav Glickshtein

Aminadav Glickshtein

Jerusalem, Israel
Member since May 26, 2016
Aminadav has 15+ years of professional experience and started coding at the age of seven, making programming like a native language for him. As a full-stack and blockchain architect, developer, and consultant, he has in-depth knowledge of many areas and possesses the ability to code quickly and efficiently. During the past ten years, his primary focus has been on full stack development. StackOverflow rated him at the top 1% developers.
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  • LeadCoin
    Solidity, Ethereum, Bitcoin, NodeJS, React, Smart Conracts
  • BackupBox Inc.
    Full Stack, BigData, NodeJS, JavaScript, Docker, Google Cloud...
  • Freelance
    Full Stack, Agile Methodologies, CSS3, Cyber Security, Big Data...
  • JavaScript, 15 years
  • Chrome Extensions, 7 years
  • Node.js, 6 years
  • Shopify, 5 years
  • DevOps, 5 years
  • Blockchain, 4 years
  • React, 4 years
  • Solidity, 3 years
Jerusalem, Israel
Preferred Environment
Linux, Mac, Windows, ChromeOS., iOS, Android
The most amazing...
...platform I've developed is The Gus Crusher. It reduces the amount of computing power needed for each transaction, saving users 85% on ETH transaction fees.
  • Head Of Development
    2018 - PRESENT
    • Hired a professional team in a short time.
    • Developed full stack app.
    • Integrated a CI and CD.
    • Wrote smart contracts.
    Technologies: Solidity, Ethereum, Bitcoin, NodeJS, React, Smart Conracts
  • CTO & Fullstack
    2017 - PRESENT
    BackupBox Inc.
    • Developed a secure REST API using NodeJS and deployed it to Google Cloud Platform.
    • Managed a team of UI/UX and front-end developers who developed a desktop app and a single page web app using React and Angular.
    • Used BigData technologies to handle billions of files.
    • Deployed load-balancers and auto-scaling components.
    • Implemented continuous integration and auto deployment after successful tests.
    • Created a health-check monitoring system for logging, alerting, and fixing issues in real-time.
    • Built custom made NodeJS modules and published to NPM.
    • Wireframed and implemented custom-made designs using SCSS, Vanilla Javascript, RTLer, and Webpack.
    Technologies: Full Stack, BigData, NodeJS, JavaScript, Docker, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, SCSS
  • Consultant, Public Speaker, and Mentor
    2016 - PRESENT
    • Lectured at the All-Things-DATA Conference (the biggest data event in Israel) about using web-scraper to improve marketing campaigns.
    • Spoke at the GeekTime Cyber Conference about the most critical security risks in Web-App.
    • Mentored several startup accelerators.
    • Served as a consultant to several startups about moving from idea to the first 100 users.
    • Validated startup ideas by quickly prototyping MVP's (minimum-value-product).
    Technologies: Full Stack, Agile Methodologies, CSS3, Cyber Security, Big Data, Machine Learning
  • CEO & Full-stack Developer
    2009 - PRESENT
    Open Screenshot
    • Developed the first Chrome extension that gave users the option to share and edit their screen using HTML5, JavaScript, and jQuery.
    • Created a custom-made image editor that supports drag & drop, adding texts, and undo/redo using advanced CSS3 and HTML5.
    • Built a plugin system that any corporation can extend to it's own needs.
    • Implemented an oAuth mechanism so users can login securely using their preferred social network profile.
    • Developed a back-end to store and serve the images.
    • Designed the extension and did the UI/UX.
    • Marketed the extension using Gorilla Marketing techniques.
    • Released the code as open-source and maintained it.
    Technologies: Full Stack, Chrome Extensions, JavaScript, ASP Classic, PHP, MySQL, CloudFlare
  • CTO & Fullstack
    2014 - 2016
    GiftWizard Inc.
    • Managed a team of full-stack developers.
    • Set priority for tasks and gave an estimation of cost and time using Microsoft Project, Trello, and Asana.
    • Designed a micro-services architecture, using custom-made Docker Images, VPN, and internal network communication. Preserved the design decisions using and LucidChart diagrams.
    • Developed machine-learning algorithms using Neo4j, BigQuery, and Elastic Search for a recommendation engine.
    • Created a zero-downtime system that serves millions of end-users.
    • Built an auto-recovery system that discovers failed components and automatically backs up and restores them.
    • Programmed REST API using NodeJS, and implemented caching and load-balancing using NGINX and HAProxy.
    • Developed proxy servers for implementing security and API throttling to external services using NodeJS.
    Technologies: Full Stack, NodeJS, JavaScript, Docker, Google Cloud, Angular, React, Redis, MySQL, MonogDB, DNS, Machine Learning
  • CTO & Full Stack
    2013 - 2014
    Remarketing Ltd
    • Developed single page web-app using templates, AngularJS, custom-made services and plugins.
    • Built a secure REST API that connected to billions of records in real time. Was responsible for performance, stability and security.
    • Created a remarketing tag pixel. The pixel collected a large amount of data and used it in real-time.
    • Deployed and built continuous integration scripts.
    Technologies: Full Stack, NodeJS, JavaScript, MySQL, Docker, AWS, Angular
  • Full-stack Developer
    2008 - 2010
    Pashbar Inc.
    • Built an eCommerce platform for choosing a seat and buying event tickets.
    • Built the back-end and implemented real-time messaging, before and WebRTC API's even existed.
    • Developed the rating and recommendation engine.
    • Created secure admin dashboards.
    Technologies: Full Stack, Vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Dedicated Servers
  • Desktop App Developer
    2005 - 2009
    Shaalvim Institute
    • Developed a system to manage all the students in Shaalvim.
    • Create Visual Basic Forms, macros, toolbars, and menus for this app.
    • Connected Microsoft Access to Microsoft Word & Excel, for printing & mail merging letters.
    • Secured the VBA by using digital signature code signing,.
    Technologies: Visual Basic for Application, Desktop Apps
  • Script Automations freelancer
    2000 - 2005
    ILDC Holdings Inc.
    • Created new functions for Microsoft Excel, by using VBA macros. The functions help to find fraud by combining data from multiple records.
    • Developed a Reports Generation system. The system took data from many sources (XML, JSON, REST, and similar) and use it for generating new Excel Reports.
    Technologies: VBA
  • Open-Screenshot Chrome Extension (Development)

    I developed an open-source extension for Google Chrome that was downloaded by millions of users. I created the back-end that handles sharing and storing images and credentials. The most amazing thing was the custom-made easy to use image editor that is based on HTML5 Canvas.

    I integrated the platform with many external tools so users were able to share easily. It was connected to Evernote, DropBox, Facebook, VK, Drive, and others.

    I created a community around the product that helped me translate it to more than 30 languages.

  • GiftWizard - The Perfect Gifting solution (Development)

    As a full-stack developer, I created an exciting B2B2C product that helps users to buy gifts for their friends on thousands of eCommerce websites.

    The most challenging mission was how to build a plugin that will work in one-click installation on any website.

    I designed an algorithm that understands the page structure and integrates into it seamlessly.

    The next step was to create a deep-learning algorithm that recommends the best gifting item based on the event, the chosen gift receiver, and the shop stock.

    We used NodeJS with Facebook API's, to obtain user details and to create the match.

  • Head Of Development as LeadCoin (Development)

    The platform is based on the Ethereum’s Smart Contracts, which guarantee secure transactions based on the parameters set by the businesses themselves.

  • Sharing Experience by Answering on Social Networks. (Other amazing things)

    I frequently visit Slack Channels, IRC, Reddit, Quora, and StackOverflow to learn what's new and see if my help is needed.

    I have a high ranking in StackOverflow; therefore, I have moderator privileges. I'm proud that my answers on social websites helped and reached hundreds of thousands of users.

  • Contribute to Open-source Project (Development)

    Every time I see a bug in a third-party code I'm using, I try to fix it. I have pushed pull-requests to many popular open-source projects, including: chancejs, watch-cli and others

  • Public Speaker & Mentor for Cyber Security & Big Data (Other amazing things)

  • Blockchain Developer for an Exchange (Development)

    Developed a cryptocurrency platform. For this job, I integrated with several blockchains and wrote smart contracts. I was responsible for the security, performance, and development of the app.

  • Languages
    JavaScript, Bash, SCSS, HTML, Solidity, Go, TypeScript 2, CSS, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), PHP 5, Python
  • Frameworks
    Redux, Vanilla JS, Chrome, Electron.js, Express.js, Bootstrap, AngularJS, React Native
  • Libraries/APIs
    Moment.js, React, Node.js, jQuery, Facebook API, Google Maps, Lodash, Vue.js, React Redux, React Router, Stripe API, Google API
  • Tools
    Sublime Text, BigQuery, CloudFlare, Supervisor, Snagit, Mocha, Nginx, Travis CI, CircleCI, Excel 2010, Photoshop 2017, Illustrator 2017
  • Paradigms
    Test-driven Development (TDD), REST, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), DevOps, Scrum, Continuous Deployment, Agile, Web Architecture, API Architecture
  • Platforms
    Visual Studio Code, Docker, Blockchain, Shopify, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Blockchain Platforms, Blockchain Integration, AWS EC2, Linux, Ethereum, Android
  • Storage
    Google Cloud Storage, SQLite, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB
  • Other
    Cyber Security, Google Compute Engine, Async.js, Load Balancing, AdSense, Big Data, Bluebird, Chrome Extensions, Serverless, DNS, Right-to-Left (RTL) Scripts, Data Architecture, Adobe Experience, Security, Customized Blockchains, Ethereum Smart Contracts, Utility Tokens, Blockchain Technology, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), Bots, Scraping, AdWords, Apps, Excel Macros, Bitcoin, Bitcoind
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