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Oriental Pattern

Oriental pattern

These oriental tiles are just too beautiful.

Made by Webperts


Full Bloom Pattern

Full Bloom pattern

So, summer is here and flowers in full bloom.

Made by Holman Galeano


Creating Mind-bending Illustrations

Creating Mind-bending Illustrations

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Written by Wojciech Dobry
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Connectwork Pattern

Connectwork pattern

Beautiful hexagonal connect-the-dots pattern. Plus it’s dark!

Made by Studio Afraz


Qbkls Pattern

Qbkls pattern

What’s not to love in this geometric pattern?

Made by Alex Nolla


Leaves Pattern

Leaves pattern

Summer’s almost here.


Country Quilt Dark

Country Quilt Dark pattern

A nice folk pattern with dark triangles.

Made by Pete Fecteau


Country Quilt

Country Quilt pattern

A nice folk pattern with light triangles.

Made by Pete Fecteau


Stripes Light

Stripes Light pattern

Maybe we should call this one “The Light Stripes”.

Made by Aleksandar Velev


What The Hex Dark

What The Hex Dark pattern

Neither a triangle nor a hexagon-what the hex? This time in dark version.

Made by Angel Micevski


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