Frequently Asked Questions


Can I add a Subtle Pattern as a background to a page on my website?

Of course! Watch this tutorial to learn how to add a Subtle Pattern to your website.

If I use Subtle Patterns for my personal website or commercial project, do I need to credit it?

Yes. Please credit Subtle Patterns using a comment in your HTML or CSS code. CSS Example:
/* Background pattern from Subtle Patterns */

Can I use the patterns in themes I make and sell on ThemeForest or similar sites?

Yes, but please credit Subtle Patterns in your theme description or source code.

Can I use Subtle Patterns in commercial projects?

Yes, but please link back to Subtle Patterns in the project.

Can I publish Subtle Patterns for download on my website or blog?

You can link to Subtle Patterns, but not directly to the patterns.

Can I make CSS3/coded versions of Subtle Patterns?

Yes, but please link back to the original pattern (ex:

If I make a new pattern based on a Subtle Pattern, can I publish it as my own?

Please credit Subtle Patterns for any patterns you make that are based on a Subtle Patterns.

Can I use Subtle Patterns for my print projects?

Yes, but please make sure the resolutions are satisfactory before printing.

Are Subtle Patterns available as Gimp/Pixelmator files?

Not at the moment.

Can I change the pattern color?

Sure can! Watch this tutorial to learn how to change a Subtle Pattern color.

Does Subtle Patterns have a JSON feed?

Yes. You can find it here.