Freelance C# jobs for world-class engineers

At Toptal, you’ll work on freelance C# jobs and projects with top clients who understand the value of elite engineering talent. As a former C# or Backend Developer, you gain the opportunity to design your own schedule, get real-time help from a global community of experts, and enjoy top professional development opportunities.

Why should you use Toptal to build your career?

At Toptal, you’ll always have plenty of opportunities available to grow personally and professionally. From working with cutting-edge technologies to getting real-time feedback from a global community of top developers, there are always options for creating value for yourself here.

Grow your career by working with top companies

Grow your career by working with top companies

At Toptal, you’ll choose from projects with industry leaders like Airbnb and NetApp and learn cutting-edge technologies and skills.

Never worry about payments

Never worry about payments

At Toptal, you set your own rate, always get paid on time, and never have to worry about negotiating with clients or competing with cheap, inexperienced developers.

Design your own lifestyle

Design your own lifestyle

No offices, no useless meetings, and no mandatory hours. You choose your own availability and enjoy the freedom to work from wherever you want.

Learn from peers and take advanced technical courses

Learn from peers and take advanced technical courses

Have a bug? Ping the Toptal Slack Community for real-time, on-demand support from a global network of top engineers. Want to learn a new skill? The Toptal Academy is designed to help you rapidly gain professional expertise in a new technology.

Get featured on the Toptal Engineering Blog

Get featured on the Toptal Engineering Blog

With hundreds of thousands of subscribers, hundreds of advanced technical studies, and frequent syndication requests from top industry publications, publishing on the Toptal Engineering Blog is a unique chance to show off your top work to the best in the industry.

Speak at conferences and attend events

Speak at conferences and attend events

Not only will you be able to attend Toptal Community events in cities all around the world, but as part of the Toptal Speakers Network, we’ll also help you attend leading conferences, submit papers, and prepare and deliver keynote speeches.

Meet members of the Toptal C# community:

Rory Woods

Danbury, CT, United States

Rory is a software consultant delivering solutions to fill enterprise needs. He brings technical skill and experience guiding teams in n... Read More

Rizwan Rizvi

Seattle, WA, United States

Rizwan has a reputation for overcoming complex challenges through clear thinking, innovative approaches, and enhancing the communication... Read More

Dan Napierski

Boston, MA, United States

Dan is a software architect and technology professional focusing on applications of blockchain technologies. He has years of experience ... Read More

Cheryl Hoskins

Fort Worth, TX, United States

Cheryl is a developer with strong communication skills who seeks to provide software solutions that delight her clients. She has enjoyed... Read More

Scott Hankinson

Glenwood Springs, CO, United States

Scott has produced technology used by companies like Microsoft and S&P Global. He has developed software integral for companies selling ... Read More

Mukesh Agrawal

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Mukesh has more than 16 years of software development and design experience (mostly with the Microsoft technology stack), and a proven a... Read More

Charles Cook, Ph.D.

Gainesville, FL, United States

Charles has a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering and spent three years developing custom data processing and analysis programs for NASA. He ... Read More

Dmitry Pavlov

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Dmitry is a senior .NET and C# developer with over fifteen years of experience in creating web applications. He has received the Microso... Read More

Claudio Aldana

Seattle, WA, United States

Claudio is a data scientist who focuses on business outcomes along with having a solid engineering background. He's applied the principa... Read More

Craig Wenger

Mesa, AZ, United States

Craig has been an active freelance embedded systems engineer for more than a decade. He has extensive experience in embedded system hard... Read More

Nick Ivanov

Moscow, Russia

Nick is a senior software developer who's spent more than a decade working with .NET, SQL, C#, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. He is the type... Read More

See 3 typical C# jobs you’ll have access to at Toptal:

Top clients, ranging from industry-leaders to rapidly growing start-ups, use Toptal to hire elite C# developers for their mission-critical jobs.

C# Developer
C#, C++

We are a mid-sized cloud analytics company leading the data science revolution with a self-service platform where clients can clean, join, and perform analysis on vast troves of data. We are currently looking for a seasoned C# developer to join our tech team to address client-side issues head-on. The ideal hire will be skilled with software troubleshooting, support, and maintenance.

Backend Web Developer
.NET, C#, Node, Azure, DevOps

We are a multinational consumer packaged goods company that believes in the power of technological innovation to augment our customer experience. We are looking for a developer to join our team and structure a new code base to bring an MVP to the market. The ideal hire will have previous experience with API integrations, and can work autonomously to propose new technologies that can be adopted internally.

Microsoft Developer
C#, Node.js, ASP.NET, jQuery, Azure

We are an independent healthcare company working to re-imagine management software used by healthcare practitioners. We are looking to hire a developer familiar with the Microsoft stack to work directly with the CEO on rewriting an application, creating an API, and developing new app features. As a member of an existing team of developers, the ideal hire will be collaborative and a self-starter.

Enjoy competitive, worry-free compensation.

At Toptal, you set your own rates and never have to spend time marketing yourself, billing clients, etc. Most Toptalers make substantially more through Toptal than they did at their previous jobs, and we’ll always pay you on time, even if clients have not yet paid us. Never worry about payments again.

Trusted by:
Airbnb trusted Toptal to help hire programmers to support their Berlin office.
Bridgestone has worked with Toptal to add freelance developers to their global team.
Duolingo trusted Toptal contractors to develop their key software applications.
USC hires software engineers from Toptal for their mission-critical initiatives.
Shopify logo
Cleveland Cavaliers hires software engineers from Toptal for their mission-critical initiatives.

Design your own lifestyle.

At Toptal, you can choose your own schedule and work from anywhere in the world that has Internet. Whether you want to spend more time at home with your family or start traveling and work from exotic beaches, the choice is completely up to you. No offices, no mandatory hours, just complete freedom to work in the way that suits you best.

Join tech conferences, advanced skill development sessions, and more.

Not only will you be able to attend Toptal Community events in cities all around the world, but if you join the Toptal Speakers Network, we'll also help you attend leading conferences, submit papers, and prepare and deliver keynote speeches.

Publish technical papers alongside C# developers on the Toptal Engineering Blog.

The Toptal Engineering Blog features hundreds of thousands of subscribers, daily in-depth technical studies, and frequent syndication requests from leading publications across the tech industry. By joining, you’ll be able to publish on the Toptal Engineering Blog and show your top work off to a global audience of C# developers.

Why do top C# experts join Toptal?

Milos Maksimovic

Backend Developer
Belgrade, Serbia

Milos is a full-stack web developer with an eye for details. As a software engineer, he enjoys solving problems and working toward optimal solutions. His current top picks for technology are Angular/TypeScript and .NET Core, paired along with a strong .NET/MS SQL background.

I enjoy working with Toptal because they help me fulfill the key values I strive for with the flexibility and benefits that remote work brings. Toptal provides a platform to jump into an array of challenging and groundbreaking projects with world-class clients, and empowers me to carry my office with me to every point on the globe.

Emir Meholjić

Multithreading Developer
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Emir is an enthusiastic software engineer who is dedicated to delivering high quality solutions for a variety of problems, alone or in a team. His main area of expertise is the .NET platform, JavaScript, jQuery, and MS SQL, along with many others. He is always eager to learn and master other technologies as well.

Working as a software engineer with Toptal gives me multiple opportunities to work with top-tier clients who request cutting-edge software with the latest technologies available, which presents an exciting environment in which to work. Toptal keeps me on my toes, improving my knowledge, while I can simultaneously enjoy the freedom of freelancing and managing my time my own way.

Dmitry Duka

Senior Solutions Developer
Viciebsk, Belarus

Dmitry has over eight years of experience developing enterprise applications on the .NET platform, including having been part of the development team at SocialWellth, Inc. (WorldDoc, Inc.), Synerion, Inc., and Nexum IT companies. He has over two years of successful full-time remote job experience with excellent customer satisfaction.

The greatest benefit of Toptal is that there are tons of great projects to apply to with a full breadth of flexible schedule options: from hourly to full-time work. You can promptly find a project with the tech stack you like best, or have projects come to you via Toptal recruiters. It's simply the easiest way to gain work experience with the best clients out there and prove (and improve) all of your skills!

By joining Toptal, you’ll have full flexibility over which projects you choose and when you want to work.

Aside from enjoying the benefits of our amazing community, you’ll have full flexibility to accept or reject projects as you prefer. Whether you prefer to work full-time at Toptal or you’d rather just take on occasional hourly jobs, the choice is yours.