Talent Frequently Asked Questions

Toptal connects developers, designers, product managers, project managers and finance experts with companies around the world. Learn how freelancing on Toptal’s platform differs from the rest.


As a freelancer, how do I ensure that I’m working with top clients?

Top companies like to work with top talent. Toptal’s reputation for sourcing high-quality talent attracts many of the world’s top companies. With the Toptal network, Toptalers have the flexibility to choose their clients and engagements. You retain full control over what clients you work for. After interviewing with a client, you decide whether you would like to work with that client.

What support will Toptal provide?

Once in the network, Toptal’s support team can help you craft a compelling profile to help increase your chances of landing a job. You will also get access to Toptal’s robust global freelance community. Toptal’s freelance community hosts events that our freelancers tell us are of social and professional value to them.

Who do I contract with as a freelance Talent in Toptal’s network?

The primary contract is with Toptal. The contract outlines your responsibilities in working for Toptal’s clients, including confidentiality and IP transfer/assignments, in exchange for payments to you.

Requirements (The Screening Process )

How do I join Toptal’s network?

You must pass Toptal’s proprietary screening process in order to be invited to join the Toptal network. You can find a summary of Toptal's proprietary screening process at https://www.toptal.com/top-3-percent.

What does the screening process look like?

Toptal’s screening process is proprietary. It includes several steps (that we are always refining and improving). These include: a language and personality screening, an in-depth skill review, live screening, and test projects.

Why do I have to go through screening?

To see if you have what it takes to be a Toptaler, More than 97% of applicants do not pass our screening. Toptal has cultivated a hard-won reputation for attracting and sourcing top talent. We would not feel comfortable presenting a person who has not passed our screening process to clients.

How long does the process take?

The duration of the screening process will vary based on your skillset and availability. On average, the screening process can take two or more weeks to complete.


Does Toptal take a cut from the hourly rate that I set?

No. You set your rate and that is the amount you will be paid.

What is the average hourly rate for members in the network?

The hourly rate varies depending on your skillset, experience, and market demand. The Toptal support team can help you identify a competitive rate, but the final decision is up to you.

What is the compensation format?

Toptal’s rates are expressed and paid in USD.

How often will I get paid?

Normally you will be paid every two weeks, but some clients may elect to pay twice a month or some other different schedule.

Can I provide the work through my own company (Corp To Corp)?

Yes. Many Talent prefer to bill through a billing entity and/or work through a sole proprietorship. You should consult with your local advisor to understand your options and what would work best for you.

Clients and Jobs

How will I get matched with a job?

Clients send Toptal their job’s requirements. The matching team will then use Talent profiles to identify and introduce the ideal candidate for a particular job. A detailed, up-to-date profile is key to increasing your chances of getting matched with a client.

Do I need to bid on jobs?

No. Toptal does not use a bidding model.

Can I work on more than one job at a time?

Many roles require a full 40 hour per week commitment in order to meet client expectations. Other roles are more clearly part-time in nature and require a commensurately smaller weekly hour commitment. You can work multiple part-time jobs, provided that you can meet the client’s requirements of each job.

Are all Toptal clients from the United States?

No. While many of Toptal’s clients are located in the US, many are located outside of the US.

Will I be working remotely or on-site?

In all likelihood, remotely. The overwhelming majority of Toptal engagements are fully remote.

Will I work with other freelancers?

It depends on the particular engagement and client. Some client engagements involve a single Talent. Other client engagements can require a team comprised of more than one Talent.

Can I take a break from client work?

Once you are in the network, you may schedule breaks or vacations in between engagements. If you are working an active engagement, short breaks may be scheduled with the particular client's and Toptal’s approval.

Does Toptal provide professional development opportunities?

Toptal Academy hosts regular learning sessions to update and elevate your portfolio and skillset. Toptal’s support team can help each freelancer develop their communication skills while sharing interview best practices and application tips.

I’m interested in a new job but I don’t have the required skill.

At Toptal, we encourage growth. The Toptal community Slack channel can help connect you with experts across various skill types. Toptal Academies offer training and support for in-demand skills. These tools are provided to help you grow your freelance skillset.


What are Toptal Events?

Toptal hosts over 200 online and remote events every year and has a robust event calendar featuring speakers and skill development workshops. As a freelancer in the network, you and fellow community members have exclusive access to Toptal events.

How many freelancers are in the Toptal community?

There are thousands of freelance Talent from over 100 countries around the world.

Does Toptal provide Visa sponsorship?

Freelancers in the Toptal network are not Toptal employees. Accordingly, Toptal cannot provide visa sponsorship.

How do I meet other Talent in Toptal’s network?

You can meet other Toptal freelancers by participating in Toptal community events, Slack channels, and skill-building workshops like Toptal Academy.

What volunteering opportunities does Toptal offer?

TopVolunteer offers access to real-world projects with leading nonprofits and NGOs.

Can I write for the Toptal blog?

Once in Toptal's network, you may submit a pitch to the Publications. If approved, your publication may be posted to Toptal's blog.

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