Machine Learning Engineer Hourly Rate

Machine Learning Engineer Hourly Rate

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The average hourly rate for a machine learning engineer is $55/hr.

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The calculator pulls data from our database of thousands of vetted freelancers. Data is updated daily, and excludes any rate that deviates substantially from the average.Read More

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Freelancing as a Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on analyzing data to find relations between an input and the desired output. Machine learning uses algorithms and statistical models within a computer system to make predictions, decisions, and perform a specific task without using explicit instructions, but rather, using patterns in sample data (or “training data”) and inference. Machine learning algorithms are used in a wide variety of applications, including computer vision and natural language processing. Machine learning developers are experts in using data to train models. The models are then used to automate processes like image classification, speech recognition, and market forecasting. Machine learning developers help businesses extract meaning from data with predictive analytics, leading all processes from data collection, cleaning, and preprocessing, to training models and deploying them to production.

Freelance machine learning developers can earn a salary of up to $100,100 per year, or an hourly rate of up to $105. As the hiring for freelance machine learning developer jobs becomes more competitive, machine learning developers are likely to see their machine learning contractor rates go up, however this calculator will dynamically reflect current salary data. Other inputs that adjust a freelance machine learning developer’s hourly rate include remote vs. on-site location, years of experience, and whether the requested client engagement is full-time or part-time.

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How the Calculator Works

Toptal is the largest network of high-skilled freelancers in the world. We created this tool using our database of nearly ten thousand vetted freelancers. Data is updated daily, and excludes hourly rates that fall 2 standard deviations above or below the mean in order to remove outliers.

The Freelance Calculator lets you see how much you can earn as a freelancer, including what your hourly rate would need to be to match your current or desired salary based on the number of hours you work per week.

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