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Financial Forecasting Expert Job Description Template

Financial forecasting experts apply a mixture of quantitative and qualitative analysis to build custom financial models used to inform company-wide decision making and guide management into the future.


Accurate sales forecasting needs to be a priority for businesses of every size, as the expected volume of sales has major implications for the entire business. While projections of achievable sales revenue can be arrived at through both qualitative and quantitative methods, the challenge lies in selecting the right method for the scenario at hand. Because of this, it’s essential to have a seasoned financial forecasting expert look at historical sales data, interview your sales team, and apply a comprehensive understanding of market trends to help your business arrive at the most accurate forecast possible, using the best methodology available.

Financial Forecasting Expert Job Description Template

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Company Introduction:

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Job Description:

A financial forecasting expert helps management think about and prepare for the future. While forecasting has applications to a wide range of disciplines, the ideal candidate will have experience in sales forecasting and supply chain management.

The ideal candidate will be an expert financial modeler with deep industry knowledge. As the forecast may require an understanding of a local market and a niche customer base, the best candidate will also have a grounding in market research, including comfort in surveying customers.


  • Work with management to understand the scope and use of the forecast and to provide a project plan with key deliverables listed by date
  • Determine the optimal method for forecasting, taking into account the context of the forecast, availability of data, the degree of accuracy desired, and the timeline available
  • Conduct competitor and consumer market research to uncover ratios and trends ultimately used to inform the forecast
  • Gather and analyze numerical data, such as consumer spending and economic trends
  • Present findings in such a way that it ties takeaways to clear recommendations and operational decisions

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, operations, research, statistics, math, economics, or related analytical discipline preferred
  • Deep understanding of qualitative and quantitative forecasting methods
  • Financial management experience with planning, forecasting, and business analysis
  • Advanced Excel proficiency. 3+ years of practical experience of using Excel for building and maintaining financial models
  • Proficiency with analytical and presentation tools ({{Excel pivot tables, SQL queries, graphing, PowerPoint}})
  • Experience within {{preferred industry}}
  • A natural curiosity and a “big picture” mentality
  • Excellent spoken and written communication

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Gary Calnan

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert

United StatesFreelance Financial Forecasting Expert Since November 22, 2019

Gary is a serial entrepreneur with CEO and CFO experience. Before co-founding an aerospace startup in 2017, Gary was the director of finance at a $120 million revenue SaaS company, where he was responsible for the financial management of multiple departments and supported three mergers. Gary leverages his unique blend of finance and entrepreneurial experience across early and growth-stage businesses to add value to Toptal clients.

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Marvin Eng

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert

United StatesFreelance Financial Forecasting Expert Since October 30, 2019

Marvin is an accomplished life science, finance, and consulting executive with 20+ years of experience who has successfully participated in transactions totaling $15+ billion. He has extensive strategy consulting and program management experience in helping companies execute against key initiatives. Marvin enjoys advising clients from startup through Fortune 500 and helping them to achieve superior results and sustainable value creation.

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Paulius Uziela, CFA

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert

LithuaniaFreelance Financial Forecasting Expert Since October 7, 2019

Paulius has closed 20+ seed/early-stage investments in AI, technology, SaaS, energy, and other sectors. He also has experience working on debt transactions and the biggest regional M&A deals in the Baltics while employed at a leading consulting firm (Deloitte) and DNB bank. Paulius is a CFA charter holder who enjoys freelancing to help clients on valuation, financial modeling, and fundraising projects.

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George Mathew

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert

United StatesFreelance Financial Forecasting Expert Since September 30, 2019

George has worked on M&A, IPO, and fixed income transactions with a cumulative deal value of $20+ billion at renowned Wall Street banks including Salomon Brothers and Morgan Stanley. A Fulbright scholar, George is active in the fintech startup sector and was on the management committee of Houston’s largest independent bank. At Toptal, he enjoys refining business models and optimizing financing structures to maximize flexibility and profitability.

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Jerry Bellman

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert

United StatesFreelance Financial Forecasting Expert Since April 18, 2019

Jerry's completed over $10 billion in M&A transactions from early-stage companies to multinationals in Europe and the US, notably the exit of the healthcare innovator CareLinx to Generali. His experience also covers equity analyst, hedge funds, public accounting practice, and CFO roles and helping companies to develop KPIs, dashboards and financial strategy. Jerry joined Toptal to bring his analytic and modeling skills to a variety of companies.

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Olivia Passoni

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert

AustriaFreelance Financial Forecasting Expert Since August 31, 2017

Olivia has over a decade of advisory experience, specializing in valuation, financial and business planning, M&A, capital raising, and due diligence. She has advised business owners globally on financial planning and strategy optimization during the fundraising and exit process. Olivia also works with investors for portfolio valuation work, the development of fund models, and due diligence. She is a Certified Valuation Analyst and is specialized in early-stage valuations.

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Paul Davies

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert

United KingdomFreelance Financial Forecasting Expert Since December 28, 2021

Paul is a commercial and marketing finance professional with a decade of international experience and influence when partnering with C-suite executives, which he has done at Diageo, one of Great Britain's largest consumer goods companies. Paul gained his CA designation while working in M&A at Deloitte, and his areas of expertise include pricing and business strategy, FP&A, and finance business partnering. Paul freelances to help clients find innovative solutions to financial questions.

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Duncan Beatty

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert

PeruFreelance Financial Forecasting Expert Since September 1, 2021

Duncan has a passion for startups. He has experience in business and revenue models, asset allocation, budgeting, forecasting, valuations, and pitch decks and fundraising on many projects during his time in Silicon Valley. His MBA from The Wharton School and mechanical engineering degree perfectly complement finance, technology and operational execution. For him, consulting is a rewarding challenge; he helps clients make good financial decisions and grow their companies successfully.

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Neel Augusthy

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert

SingaporeFreelance Financial Forecasting Expert Since July 7, 2021

Neel is a finance leader and change agent with 10+ years of experience and a track record of impact in Fortune 50 companies. He has driven transformations to the tune of $250 million, EBITDA uplift of $100 million+, and sustainable change by managing mandates in multinationals, SMEs, and startups. Neel is adept at navigating across countries, regions, and cultures, and he brings an entrepreneurial and creative mindset, drive, and passion to design and execute win-win solutions for his clients.

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Jordan Mayerson

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert

United StatesFreelance Financial Forecasting Expert Since August 19, 2020

Jordan has spent his entire career operating at the crossroads of business and innovation. An entrepreneur himself, he understands the financial complexities early-stage ventures endure while raising capital and bringing new products to market. He spent years working at top Wall Street firms after graduating from the Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology at the University of Pennsylvania. A lifelong learner, he freelances as it exposes him to new people, technologies, and companies.

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Edisher Uriatmkopeli

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert

GeorgiaFreelance Financial Forecasting Expert Since March 9, 2020

Head of strategic finance at Savii, a Singapore fintech company, Edisher covers FP&A and supports optimizing decision-making and shaping the company's long-term business strategy. He's executed numerous debt, equity, and M&A projects totaling $500 million and valued businesses worth $2.5 billion while working at Nordic PE firm (Nord-Corp), leading Georgian IB (TBC Capital), and KPMG. Experienced with firms of all sizes, Edisher enjoys using his financial insight to help enhance business value.

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