Fundraising Consultant Job Description Template

Fundraising consultants provide the investor-facing experience you need to refine your pitch and get your business into shape before your next fundraising round.


Hiring the right fundraising expert for your business is enormously important for making sure you get the right amount of money your business needs at the right time with the right terms attached. While the fundraising consultant won’t be able to make investor introductions, they will be able to paint your business in the best light possible to investors, giving you the investor presentation materials and confidence you need to excel in fundraising meetings.

Company Introduction:

{{Write a short and catchy paragraph about your company. Provide information about the company’s culture, perks, and benefits. Mention office hours, remote working possibilities, and anything else that makes your company interesting.}}

Job Description:

An expert fundraising consultant must have deep industry knowledge, including a thorough understanding of major competitors and industry trends, in addition to a keen analytical eye to help spot any weaknesses in the business plan before investors do. A successful fundraising consultant will not be afraid to challenge closely-held assumptions or call out weaknesses in the company’s pitch.

The ideal candidate will have previous experience advising founders during a fundraise, ideally in the {{preferred industry}}.


  • Develop an understanding of the existing business (including products/services, customers, competitors, the overall market and trends) through careful research and analysis of all business units
  • Understand how major stakeholders are thinking about the company’s direction, generally and in reference to specific initiatives, through interviews with these stakeholders
  • Review and refine the company’s sales forecasting model and pitch deck, providing edits or reworking the materials entirely, as needed
  • Develop accurate benchmarks to guide in the projections
  • Work alongside the executive team to define the pitch used in investor meetings; practice the pitch with the executives and help the management team preempt investor questions
  • Pressure test every aspect of the client’s business ahead of fundraising meetings

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, operations, research, statistics, math, economics, or related analytical discipline preferred
  • Financial management experience with planning, forecasting, and business analysis
  • Prior experience as an advisor to or executive at a funded startup, or experience in venture capital
  • Advanced Excel proficiency. 3+ years of practical experience of using Excel for building and maintaining financial models
  • A natural curiosity and a “big picture” mentality
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills; experience partnering with an executive team
  • Experience coaching executives on the delivery of investor pitches
  • Experience within {{preferred industry}}
  • Trusted by: