Michael Farrell, Finance Expert in New York, NY, United States
Michael Farrell

Finance Expert in New York, NY, United States

Member since October 30, 2018
A CFA charter holder, Michael is a fixed income trader and portfolio manager who oversaw a $10+ billion portfolio. With a strong background in financial modeling and analysis, he has helped build the loan book of an education lending startup ($10 million in capital). He has worked with large firms with more than $100 billion in assets and early-stage firms and joined Toptal to help clients of all sizes steer through challenges in business growth.
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  • Vice President

    2017 - PRESENT
    FARR Education LLC
    • Built dynamic financial model to track IRRs, interest payments and expenses for portfolio investments.
    • Prepared due diligence on potential new deals and review due diligence on existing deals annually. Potential investments included first mortgages, subordinated debt, and lines of credit.
    • Provided financial consulting services to existing clients to help prepare them for future growth. Services include FP&A and internal process reviews.
    • Assisted in new client acquisition and harvest potential new deals.
    • Prepared financial statements for internal use.
    Focus areas: Corporate Finance, Project Finance, Equity Financing, Subordinated Debt, Debt Restructuring, Debt Workouts, Debt Raises, Investment Portfolio Management, Portfolio Analysis, Due Diligence, Finance Strategy, Internal Financial Reporting, Performance Reports, Financial Reporting, Financial Modeling, Real Estate Finance, Asset-based Lending, Fixed Asset Lending, Asset-based Finance, Value Investing, Value Creation, Credit Risk, Credit Investing, Credit Analysis, Risk Analysis, Risk, Interest Rate Risk
  • Vice President

    2015 - 2017
    Annaly Capital Management
    • Traded short duration Agency mortgage-based securities (MBS) portfolio - primarily 15-year MBS, 20-year MBS and adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) MBS. Size of portfolio ranged from $15-30 billion.
    • Modeled different forward earnings scenarios given changes in portfolio and market conditions. Projections fed directly into portfolio decision making progress.
    • Oversaw and managed the acquisition of a similar company that primarily invested in Agency ARM MBS. Required individual pricing of over $11 billion in market value and thousands of securities.
    • Back-tested prepayment model versus previous interest rate market moves and tuned to better mirror realistic scenarios.
    • Prepared documentation for quarterly financial reporting.
    Focus areas: Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Finance Strategy, Strategic Investments, Fixed-income Derivatives, Interest Rate Trading, Portfolio Analysis, Investment Portfolio Management, Internal Financial Reporting, Performance Reports, Investment Return Scenario Analysis, Fixed Income Analysis, Corporate Finance, Financial Modeling, Valuation, Value Investing, Asset Valuation, Asset Allocation, Asset Liabilty Management, Asset-backed Securities, Mortgage REITs, Valuation Modeling, Valuation Multiples, DCF Valuation, Financial Systems, Financial System Implementation, Risk Models, Transaction Modeling, Risk, Risk Analysis, RiskMetrics, Interest Rate Risk, Interest Rate Swaps
  • Associate

    2013 - 2015
    Annaly Capital Management
    • Traded interest rate swaps, swaptions, and US Treasury futures for hedging an Agency MBS portfolio. Helped prepare the hedge portfolio through the transition to an exchange-traded product from an OTC product.
    • Oversaw portfolio management for a short duration Agency MBS fund. Portfolio consisted of Agency collateralized mortgage obligation (CMO) Floaters, Agency ARM MBS, and Agency Fixed MBS.
    • Tuned and monitored the prepayment model used for the Agency MBS portfolio. Required daily checks for reasonableness given market changes and portfolio holding changes.
    • Monitored and reported on projected income and trading performance resulting from Agency MBS Dollar Roll trades using internal data and marketplace performance data.
    • Prepared documentation for quarterly financial reporting.
    Focus areas: Fixed Income Analysis, Portfolio Analysis, Investment Portfolio Management, Fixed-income Derivatives, Interest Rate Trading, Performance Reports, Internal Financial Reporting, Financial Modeling, Value Investing, Asset Valuation, Asset Allocation, Asset-backed Securities, Asset Liabilty Management, Mortgage REITs, Financial System Implementation, Financial Systems, Risk Models, Risk Analysis, Interest Rate Risk, Risk, RiskMetrics, Interest Rate Swaps
  • Analyst

    2010 - 2012
    Annaly Capital Management
    • Assisted in daily security selection for an Agency MBS portfolio by canvassing available inventories for new purchases. Built relationships across trading desks at all major investment banks.
    • Identified and sold under-performing bonds held in current portfolio using relative value analysis. Bonds were normally sold in competition - a process that requires exactness and timely execution.
    • Automated portfolio management tools by incorporating straight through processing across all internal software systems. Trade entry time was reduced drastically.
    • Prepared materials for quarterly financial reporting.
    • Assisted in trade entry and confirmation for senior traders.
    Focus areas: Investment Portfolio Management, Fixed Income Analysis, Interest Rate Trading, Portfolio Analysis, Internal Financial Reporting, Performance Reports, Mortgage REITs, Asset Allocation, Asset Valuation, Asset Liabilty Management, Value Investing, Risk, Risk Models, Risk Analysis


  • Bachelor's degree in Finance
    2006 - 2010
    Wake Forest University - Winston-Salem, NC


  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
    CFA Institute

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