Saim Korlu, Finance Expert in Istanbul, Turkey
Saim Korlu

Finance Expert in Istanbul, Turkey

Member since May 11, 2018
With 20 years of experience, Saim completed 30+ transactions worth $31+ billion while working as an investment banker at JP Morgan and as a private equity professional at The Carlyle Group and PineBridge Investments. An expert in deal origination, due diligence, modeling, negotiation, and project finance, Saim is also an experienced corporate board director. He enjoys advising clients on M&A, corporate finance, and private equity transactions.
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Case studies

  • Investor Committee Presentation
    Investor Committee Presentation



  • Group Head, Private Equity – MENA & Turkey

    2013 - 2016
    PineBridge Investments
    • Built a market map that highlighted the positioning of 10 companies in the specialty chemicals sector.
    • Identified a leading company in the market, developed a relationship with the owners, executive managed the team, and led a $130 million investment.
    • Built the bottoms-up financial forecast and the LBO model.
    • Managed the financial, commercial, operational and legal due diligence.
    • Spearheaded deal negotiations, arranged the acquisition debt financing, and negotiating the term sheet and the credit agreement with the banks.
    • Developed presentation materials for the investment committee and the board of directors.
    • Identified, presented to, and negotiated with co-investors.
    • Originated and executed a $30 million investment in a $135 million renewable energy platform investment.
    • Identified the opportunity through a direct relationship with the CEO and led the term sheet negotiations, due diligence, and the preparation and presentation of detailed materials to the investment committee.
    • Served as a board director and vice chairman of the credit approval committee of a factoring company with $275 million of assets.
    • Realized a partial exit by extracting 20% of the initial investment as dividends.
    • Helped grow the company's market share by 2.5x, assets by 5x, and book value by 6x over two years by arranging new debt financing to underwrite new loans, evaluating and approving add-on acquisitions and monitoring performance, reviewing budgets, analyzing and approving new loan requests.
    • Led and coached PineBridge's private equity team.
    Focus areas: Finance Strategy, Transaction Structuring, Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), DCF Valuation, Minority Investments, Value Investing, Investment Summaries, Investment Monitoring, Investment Briefs, Investments, Investment Memoranda, Investment Thesis, Financial Systems, Financial Engineering, Financial Advisory, Equity Financing, Feasibility Studies, Revenue & Expense Projections, Project Evaluation, Projected Cash Flow, Project Finance, Debt Raises, Debt Restructuring, Financial Management, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Business Planning, Acquisitions, Accounting, Dividend Policy, Management Buyout Finance, M&A (Buy-side), Leveraged Buyout Modeling, Revenue Modeling, Transaction Modeling, M&A Modeling, Valuation Modeling, Cash Flow Modeling, Due Diligence, Financial Modeling, Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Private Equity
  • Director

    2010 - 2013
    Actera Group
    • Originated and completed—on a proprietary and exclusive basis—a $150 million investment in a logistics and aviation company with an enterprise value of $600 million.
    • Raised $90 million of acquisition debt financing.
    • Sourced and led the execution of investments in the education, healthcare, infrastructure, and agriculture industries.
    • Managed and coached a team of eight junior mid-level and junior staffers.
    • Acted as a director on the boards of four portfolio companies operating in the financial services, media and entertainment, retail, and food services sectors.
    Focus areas: Investment Portfolio Management, Private Company Valuation, Private Equity Valuation, Private Equity
  • Vice President

    2000 - 2008
    J.P. Morgan & Co.
    • Led the sell-side M&A and staple financing transaction for North Castle Partners' $720 million exit of its portfolio company, CRC Health, in a dual track initial public offering and sale process.
    • Completed the sale of the company to Bain Capital, resulting in 6x return on capital.
    • Drafted the information memorandum and IPO prospectus; preparing the financial projections, DCF, and LBO-based valuation materials.
    • Coordinated the due diligence, negotiated the SPA, and spearheaded the closing process.
    • Led various sell-side transactions including Alpha Therapeutics' break-up and two-part sale to Baxter and Probitas for $100 million, LabOne’s sale to Quest Diagnostics for $1 billion, Oratec’s sale to Smith & Nephew for $300 million, and Edwards Lifesciences’ sale of its services business to Fresenius for $50 million.
    • Led the buy-side M&A advisory for Guidant Corporation's $2.5 billion acquisition of Cook Group.
    • Built and presented the bottoms-up financial forecast and comparables-based valuation model.
    • Prepared pro forma financial impact analysis including EPS accretion/dilution and EPS growth.
    • Designed and presented transaction structure alternatives and drafted the public announcement materials.
    • Led the buy-side advisory on various M&A transactions including Madison Dearborn Partners’ buy-out of VWR for $4 billion, McKesson’s acquisition of Fisher Scientific for $12 billion, Bristol-Myers Squibb's acquisition of DuPont Pharmaceuticals for $7.8 billion, and EcoLab’s $73 million minority investment in KIK.
    • Led the $779 million public equity raise for King Pharmaceuticals.
    • Drafted the offering prospectus and prepared the valuation materials to establish the offering price.
    • Presented the investment merits and risks to the equities sales force and responded to inquiries from the SEC and investors.
    • Built the equity book and oversaw its completion.
    • Led various equity raise transactions including Universal American Financial's $180 million offering, Endo Pharmaceuticals' $91 million offering, and Thoratec Corporation's $112 million offering.
    • Led the $2 billion acquisition debt financing for Fillmore Capital Partner’s buy-out of Genesis Healthcare and was responsible for various areas including performing the debt capacity analysis.
    • Constructed the credit model and covenant stress test.
    • Drafted and presented ratings advisory presentation; also prepared the credit approval presentation.
    • Wrote and negotiated the financing terms sheet and the credit agreement.
    • Led various debt raise transactions including the $2.6 billion financing for MDP's buyout of VWR, the $350 million financing for Bain Capital’s buyout of CRC Health, the $50 million financing for CRC Health’s acquisition of Aspen Education, the $225 million financing for Patheon, and the $345 million convertible offering for King Pharmaceuticals.
    • Spearheaded and completed various strategic advisory mandates including advising the board of directors of Universal Health Services to defend against a hostile bidder, advising the board of directors of Extendicare on its strategic alternatives, building an international expansion strategy for Henry Schein.
    • Structured and financed McKesson Corporation's $2 billion class-action lawsuit.
    Focus areas: Capital Structuring, Finance Structures, Transaction Structuring, Debt Structuring, Revenue Modeling, Financial Modeling, Transaction Modeling, Valuation Modeling, Cash Flow Modeling, M&A Modeling, Growth Equity, Equity Valuation, Equity Capital, Equity Offerings, Credit Risk, Credit Analysis, M&A Earn-out Agreements, Intangible Asset Valuation, Commercial Mortgage-backed Securities (CMBS), Asset-based Finance, Asset Valuation, Asset-based Lending, Acquisitions, Accounting, Bank Debt Raises, Bank Covenants, Convertible Debt, Subordinated Debt, Debt Restructuring, Debt Raises, Debt Capital Markets, Equity Financing, Due Diligence, Comparable Company Analysis, Projected Cash Flow, Project Evaluation, Project Finance, Private Company Valuation, Private Equity Valuation, Private Equity, Management Buyout Finance, Leveraged Buyout Modeling, Share Buybacks, M&A (Sell-side), M&A (Buy-side), Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), DCF Valuation, Value Investing, Investment Briefs, Investment Monitoring, Investment Memoranda, Investor Presentations, Investment Thesis, Minority Investments, Investments, Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Private Equity Associate

    2003 - 2005
    The Carlyle Group
    • Led the LBO of Talecris Pharmaceuticals and raised $100 million of asset-based acquisition debt financing from J.P. Morgan and was responsible for building a dynamic LBO model with return sensitivities.
    • Spearheaded the due diligence and determined the transaction structure.
    • Solicited acquisition debt offers from banks and negotiated the SPA and credit agreement.
    • Identified and interviewed CEO candidates and prepared the post-closing 100-day and value creation plans.
    • Monetized Carlyle’s investment in Empi, generating shareholder profits of $140 million, ROI of 3.2x, and IRR of 30%.
    • Executed the $75 million dividend recapitalization of Empi, resulting in a full return of the initial investment followed by a $175 million dual-track sale and IPO process, resulting in complete exit from the investment.
    • Maintained responsibility for the solicitation and review of advisory, staple financing, and IPO underwriting proposals from banks.
    • Prepared the buyer list, managed the due diligence and reviewed the management presentation, IPO prospectus, and equity sales force memorandum.
    • Reviewed and negotiated the offer letters from bidders, negotiated the SPA with final bidders, and prepared the closing checklist and the funds flow.
    • Completed InteliStaf’s, a portfolio company, $50 million acquisition of competitor Star-Med and was responsible for designing the share-swap deal structure.
    • Identified and modeled the synergies and resulting value creation for InteliStaf.
    • Prepared and presented the memorandum to the investment committee.
    • Drafted and negotiated the SPA and SHA.
    • Laid out post-close integration and organizational structure and oversaw the closing process.
    • Completed MedPointe Pharmaceutical’s in-licensing transaction for a $200 million revenue product from AstraZeneca.
    Focus areas: Asset Valuation, Asset-based Lending, Asset-based Finance, Term Loans, Capital Structure Analysis, Capital Structure Optimization, Capital Structuring, Cost-saving Structure, Finance Structures, Transaction Structuring, Debt Structuring, Forecasting, Cash Flow Forecasting, P&L Forecasting, Sales Expense Forecasting, Capital Budgeting, Expense Reduction, Revenue & Expense Projections, Financial Systems, Corporate Finance, Budgeting, DCF Valuation, Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Risk Models, Financial Modeling, Valuation Modeling, Revenue Modeling, M&A Modeling, Transaction Modeling, Cash Flow Modeling, Due Diligence, Management Buyout Finance, Leveraged Buyout Modeling, Private Equity


  • Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics
    1996 - 2000
    Northwestern University - Evanston, IL, USA

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