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Olga Bukharina, United States

freelance treasury manager expert
Olga managed global finance functions in multinational companies with complex financing structures and private equity capital. She played a crucial role in preparing a company for an IPO, leading modeling, cash and tax reorganization. She implemented best practices i... Click to continue

Rich Smolen, United States

freelance treasury manager expert
Rich, an experienced CFO, has led $500 million in fundraising for three private equity-backed companies and helped sell two of the businesses. His engaging style and desire to learn is fueled by meeting people via freelancing. An expert in the financial services, tel... Click to continue

Aashu Yadav, India

freelance treasury manager expert
Aashu has 15+ years of corporate finance experience advising India's largest and most respected corporations. He has led investor relations and $1 billion of fundraising initiatives, evaluated M&A transactions, built financial models and valuations, and driven curren... Click to continue