Alexander Edge, iOS Developer in London, United Kingdom
Alexander Edge

iOS Developer in London, United Kingdom

Member since December 11, 2019
Alexander is a senior iOS engineer with experience in leading or working alongside mobile development teams in startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large corporations. A strong communicator and self-styled “product-focused engineer,” he approaches solving problems from the perspective of the user and can offer valuable insights on product/engineering tradeoffs.
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  • Core Data 11 years
  • iOS 11 years
  • Objective-C 11 years
  • Unit Testing 8 years
  • Swift 5 years
  • RxSwift 3 years
  • Model View Viewmodel (MVVM) 3 years
  • SwiftUI 1 year


London, United Kingdom



Preferred Environment

Combine, SwiftUI, Xcode, Swift, iOS

The most amazing...

...result I've had was helping a multinational retailer transform their 1-star app into a 5-star app in a short period of time.


  • Senior iOS Engineer

    2019 - 2020
    Guardian News and Media (Freelance)
    • Worked on the Guardian's flagship Live News app.
    • Identified performance bottlenecks and increased scrolling smoothness by over 25%.
    • Developed a strategy for implementing dark mode in a legacy codebase.
    • Contributed to the open-source International Advertising Bureau (IAB) consent management Swift project.
    • Added self-sizing elements to UICollectionView.
    • Transformed a proof of concept for a WKWebView to native communication bridge using Apache Thrift into production-ready code.
    • Added protocol multiplexing and Swift 5 support to the open-source Apache Thrift project for native-web view communication.
    Technologies: GitHub, TeamCity, Objective-C, Swift, iOS
  • Senior iOS Engineer

    2019 - 2019
    ustwo (freelance)
    • Rebuilt an existing health app prototype using a new design direction.
    • Recommended using container view controllers to allow multiple developers to work on the same screens with minimal overhead.
    • Successfully delivered the final prototype ahead of schedule.
    Technologies: Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), Prototype Framework, Swift, iOS, RxSwift
  • Senior iOS Engineer

    2019 - 2019
    Novoda (freelance)
    • Worked alongside another engineer (pair-programming) on an Internet of Things (IoT) framework based on MQTT.
    • Increased the unit test coverage and created documentation for framework consumers.
    • Used reactive programming experience to make the existing codebase more readable, maintainable, and testable.
    Technologies: Unit Testing, Dependency Injection, MQTT, Internet of Things (IoT), Swift, iOS, ReactiveCocoa
  • Lead iOS Engineer

    2018 - 2018
    New Look (Freelance)
    • Devised a strategy for tackling technical debt whilst delivering new features and maintaining test coverage in a live app.
    • Reduced total lines of code by 35% and removed multiple external dependencies.
    • Improved the App Store rating from one star to five stars.
    Technologies: Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), Dependency Injection, Unit Testing, Bitrise, Xcode, RxSwift, Swift, iOS
  • Co-founder

    2014 - 2018
    • Launched a messaging app based around sending 10-second video clips between groups of users.
    • Designed a custom SMS-based system for verifying users based on Twilio REST API.
    • Implemented high-compression H.264/MPEG-4 AAC video recording using AVFoundation.
    • Wrote server-side business logic in JavaScript for Parse (now Parse-server running on Heroku).
    • Added custom view controller animations using UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning APIs.
    • Added a notification extension for viewing video messages on Watch.
    Technologies: JavaScript, Audio, Video, AVFoundation, Parse, Twilio, UIkit, Objective-C
  • Senior iOS Engineer

    2017 - 2017
    ustwo (Freelance)
    • Developed a connected-car app for Jaguar Land Rover in use worldwide.
    • Used reactive frameworks in conjunction with web sockets to make an instantly-updating UI.
    • Participated in BDD workshops to define scenarios and system behavior.
    Technologies: Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), Behavior-driven Development (BDD), Unit Testing, WebSockets, Xcode, RxSwift, Swift, iOS
  • iOS Engineer

    2014 - 2015
    Curator (freelance)
    • Used the UITraitCollection APIs to add adaptive layouts for portrait and landscape on iPad that paved the way for a launch on iPhone.
    • Added interactive and non-interactive transitions between view controllers.
    • Designed and implemented a syncing Core Data API using Parse as a back end.
    Technologies: JavaScript, Parse, Core Data, UIkit, Objective-C


  • Guardian Live News (Development)

    I worked alongside the mobile apps team at Guardian News and Media on an award-winning news app. I used my experience as a senior engineer to add features while improving the existing Objective-C and Swift codebase.

  • Jaguar Land Rover – In Control Remote (Development)

    An iOS app utilizing WebSockets to communicate with Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. The app features climate control management, journey tracking, status information, and theft notification. The app uses reactive UI frameworks to show the user up-to-date information about their vehicles.


  • Languages

    Swift, Objective-C, GraphQL, JavaScript, Ruby
  • Tools

    Xcode, Git, GitHub, MQTT, Fastlane, TeamCity, SwiftLint, Jenkins, Bitbucket
  • Paradigms

    Unit Testing, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), Model View Controller (MVC), Mobile Development, Dependency Injection, REST, Behavior-driven Development (BDD)
  • Platforms

    iOS, Parse, Twilio, Bitrise
  • Other

    APIs, Mobile Apps, SwiftUI, Swift Package Manager, WebSockets, AVFoundation, Video, Audio, Combine
  • Frameworks

    Core Data, ReactiveCocoa, Prototype Framework, UIkit
  • Libraries/APIs

    RxSwift, CocoaPods
  • Industry Expertise

    Internet of Things (IoT)


  • Master's degree in Electronic and Communications Engineering
    2004 - 2008
    University of Bristol - Bristol, UK


  • Codility Golden Award for the Rhodium 2019 Challenge

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