Alexander Karelas, Developer in Athens, Central Athens, Greece
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Alexander Karelas

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Software Developer

Athens, Central Athens, Greece
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July 14, 2014

Alexander is an experienced Perl programmer and web developer who is comfortable with both back-end and front-end technologies. He has been working on large-scale high-traffic websites for the past 4 years and is active in the Perl community, developing modules and a website for programmers.


Zoo Bytes & LazyLand
Memcached, Object-relational Mapping (ORM), Git, Moose, jQuery, AngularJS...
Various clients
MySQL, Perl
Personal projects
Mason, MySQL, Perl




Preferred Environment

Git, Vim Text Editor, VMware

The most amazing...

...thing I've created is a service allowing users to track changes in their favorite Perl modules.

Work Experience

Software Engineer

2010 - PRESENT
Zoo Bytes & LazyLand
  • Created pages for the back-end administration site using AngularJS.
  • Coded the service end-points requested by the Flash clients.
  • Wrote tests in Perl for most of my code.
  • Wrote POD documentation for the majority of my work.
  • Created database schema and made sure all database requests were optimized.
  • Developed a website collecting and presenting periodical usage and payment statistics for our partners' games.
  • Integrated our portal services with the SSO mechanisms of many other portals.
  • Searched for most-appropriate algorithms to solve a couple of the company's combinatorial problems, and implemented them.
Technologies: Memcached, Object-relational Mapping (ORM), Git, Moose, jQuery, AngularJS, Template Toolkit, MySQL, Perl

Perl Developer

2002 - 2009
Various clients
  • Created a very simple CMS using Perl/Mason for two NGOs.
  • Created an FTP-to-S3 gateway using Perl for a client.
  • Devised and wrote simple command-line tools using Perl to help a telecom company's operations staff with the deployment of its portal.
  • Created a web app running on telecom equipment to allow its remote configuration, using Perl/Mason.
  • Helped write a custom web framework for the high-traffic classified ads portal, using Perl and Template::Toolkit.
  • Created a multiple-server Load Tester script, that tests websites' ability to handle traffic by throwing a lot of traffic to it, using Perl and httperf.
  • Created a lot web scrapers for Watchmouse, a company that needed the data.
Technologies: MySQL, Perl

Perl Developer

2003 - 2007
Personal projects
  • Built and administered, a very active forum website, using Perl/Mason and Class::DBI.
  • Built the first greek clone, using Perl/Mason.
  • Set-up and administered my family's mail server, using Debian, Exim and an IMAP server.
  • Invented and built, a site that builds and serves RSS feeds for each of the 11,000 Perl modules in existence. The pre-cursor of
Technologies: Mason, MySQL, Perl

Perl Developer

2000 - 2001
  • Read through and customized a large open source eCommerce platform, written in Perl, to localize it for Greece.
  • Wrote CGI scripts for websites.
  • Read "Programming Perl" from cover to cover.
Technologies: CGI, Apache, Perl

A service I created in Mojolicious and AngularJS that tracks the changes of users' favorite Perl modules. Users can create lists of modules they want to follow and it will generate RSS feeds of changes in those modules.

An easy-to-use Perl module for parsing and creating XML documents.


A work in progress. This is a Jabber server that I started programming to allow the users of one of my websites to talk to each other from their browsers. This Jabber server is already functional (although quite simple at the moment) and supports XMPP over WebSocket to allow browsers to connect.


SQL-99, Perl, JavaScript


Ajax, CGI, Mason


AngularJS, Mojolicious


Underscore.js, jQuery


Vim Text Editor, Template Toolkit, Git, VMware, Apache


Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Object-relational Mapping (ORM), Functional Programming


Linux, Ubuntu, Moose, MacOS


JSON, MySQL, Memcached

1992 - 1998

B.A. and Master's Degree in Mathematics

University of Cambridge - Cambridge, UK