Amanda Vilela, Developer in Sorocaba - State of São Paulo, Brazil

Amanda Vilela

Pixel Perfect Developer

Sorocaba - State of São Paulo, Brazil
Toptal Member Since
June 1, 2018

Amanda is a front-end developer who has been working for over nine years designing usable UIs and implementing them by writing scalable and high-performance JavaScript code. She's widely experienced working with a variety of clients, from startups to enterprise companies like AT&T, IBM, and Sprint. Amanda also has experience with continuous integration, testing, Git workflows, agile methodologies, and SEO.

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Portfolio (via Toptal)
Webpack, Jasmine, Sass, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Jest
MarketBridge (via Toptal)
Email on Acid, CSS, HTML, Email Coding, Responsive Email Templates...
Razeware (via Toptal)
Drip Email, Email on Acid, CSS, HTML, Email Coding, HTML Email...


JavaScript - 9 yearsPixel Perfect - 9 yearsResponsive UI - 9 yearsMobile First - 7 yearsWeb Performance Optimization (WPO) - 5 yearsResponsive Email Templates - 5 yearsProgressive Web Applications (PWA) - 5 yearsCore Web Vitals - 1 year


Sorocaba - State of São Paulo, Brazil



Preferred Environment

Node Version Manager, Slack, Docker, Webpack, ITerm, Git, Sublime Text

The most amazing...

...technical challenge I've had was fully remaking the front end of a legacy front-office app from scratch to enable users to activate their phone data plans.

Work Experience

2018 - PRESENT

Senior JavaScript Developer (via Toptal)
  • Implemented responsive, pixel-perfect, and cross-browser UIs through mobile-first and BEM methodologies.
  • Re-engineered style guide components for speed, maintainability, and accessibility.
  • Created a user tracking and analytics system on the client side.
  • Implemented push notifications on
Technologies: Webpack, Jasmine, Sass, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Jest
2019 - 2019

HTML Email Coder

MarketBridge (via Toptal)
  • Coded responsive and pixel-perfect email templates.
  • Tested coded emails across all major email clients such as AOL, Office 365, Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.
  • Handled quality control, such as final proofreading, link testing, and rendering.
Technologies: Email on Acid, CSS, HTML, Email Coding, Responsive Email Templates, Email Templates
2018 - 2019

Email Template Developer

Razeware (via Toptal)
  • Implemented responsive and pixel-perfect HTML email templates from designs.
  • Ran the email templates on testing tools to ensure cross-platform support.
  • Uploaded and tested the templates on the email automation tool.
Technologies: Drip Email, Email on Acid, CSS, HTML, Email Coding, HTML Email, Responsive Email Templates, Email Templates
2016 - 2018

Senior Front-end Developer

  • Created high-quality mockups and prototypes translating customer needs into functional and appealing interactive applications.
  • Developed and maintained web applications.
  • Created solutions to make the application more visually appealing and enhance usability.
  • Helped other developers with coding and troubleshooting.
  • Planned, reviewed, and brainstormed applications alongside the development team.
  • Improved the front-end performance of a client application by 30%, reducing the time that users took to perform the tasks and consequently increasing the delivery and billing.
  • Contributed as back-end developer using Python and Django to create an API.
  • Led knowledge sharing sessions online and in person regarding Git SCM to other team members.
Technologies: Django REST Framework, Python, AngularJS, Angular, Sass, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
2013 - 2018

Front-end Developer

  • Created quality mockups and prototypes for websites and validated them with clients.
  • Produced, modified, and maintained websites.
  • Customized and developed themes for WordPress.
Technologies: PHP, WordPress, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
2012 - 2016

Front-end Developer

Well Internet
  • Created quality mockups and prototypes for websites and validated it with clients.
  • Produced, modified, and maintained websites.
  • Customized and developed themes for WordPress.
  • Optimized websites for search engines (SEO).
  • Created HTML email templates and newsletters for email marketing campaigns.
  • Redesigned the layout of an eCommerce site that generated an increase of 20% in sales.
  • Improved the loading time an eCommerce site increasing the average time of visits by 15%.
  • Created AB tests with the increased win rate of 20% on a product landing page.
  • Implemented rigorous process for cross-browser testing in IE, Mozilla, and Chrome, which corrected layout issues in an eCommerce site.
Technologies: WordPress, PHP, Adobe Photoshop, jQuery, AngularJS, Sass, JavaScript, CSS, HTML


Front-office Application

I was part of the team responsible for creating a new version of a legacy front-office application for a big telecom company. Our challenge was to bring to the user a new experience and overall product vision. My role consisted of working closely with the design team to turn prototypes into functional code using the latest techniques to build a rich, interactive, and modern web application through developing standards and best practices.

Technology Leadership Council App

At IBM, I participated in an internal volunteer project to create a web app for the onboarding of new members in the Technology Leadership Council (TLC). In addition to contributing delivering the front-end of project features, I also was responsible for idealization and development of a style guide with recommendations, approaches, and a variety of techniques to employ in order to ensure CSS/Sass was maintainable, readable, and scalable.

Web Editor of Flat Files

I was responsible for designing the user interface and implementing the front-end of web version for a legacy editor of flat files. I came across challenges such as performance, rendering, and usability and delivered solutions applying my UI/UX and developer skills.

EducationOne: Online ERP for Schools

EducationOne is a web system to manage all areas of the school such as financial, administrative, enrollment, and grades. I worked in a highly collaborative agile environment designing the user interface and implementing the front-end of all modules of the system, including the portal for teachers and students.

UI Experiments at CodePen

UI snippets, animations, and typography experiments built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Tech Talks
As a big fan of knowledge sharing, I've facilitated tech talks in local communities and meetups.



ES7, JavaScript, Sass, CSS, HTML, Markdown, Python, PHP, Python 3


AngularJS, Angular, Bootstrap, Jasmine, Django REST Framework, Express.js, Jest


Flexbox, jQuery, Node.js, HTML5 APIs


Git, Jira, Trello, NPM, Adobe Photoshop, Atom, Sublime Text, ITerm, Slack, Node Version Manager, Email on Acid, Webpack


User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), CSS Grid, Responsive UI, Pixel Perfect, Progressive Web Applications (PWA), PWA, Front-end Development, SEO Tools, Mobile First, Organic SEO, Responsive Email Templates, Email Templates, Core Web Vitals, Drip Email, Cerberus Security, Email Coding, HTML Email


BEM, UI Design, Web Performance Optimization (WPO), Scrum, Agile, UX Design


Linux, WordPress, Docker, Firebase


MongoDB, SQLite


2014 - 2017

Technologist in Information Systems in Computer Engineering

Fatec Sorocaba - Sorocaba

2011 - 2012

IT Technician Focusing On Web Development in Computer Engineering

Etec Fernando Prestes - Sorocaba