Andrei Boyanov, Software Developer in Brussels, Belgium
Andrei Boyanov

Software Developer in Brussels, Belgium

Member since December 3, 2015
Andrei is a seasoned IT professional with much experience in a number of software technologies from low-level programming to complex systems design and implementation. He has an extensive knowledge (Prince 2 and Agile) and experience in project management. He also has done software design, modeling, development, debugging, and optimization; worked in C#.NET, C, Python, PHP, UML, and UP.
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Brussels, Belgium



Preferred Environment

Subversion (SVN), Git, Vim Text Editor, Linux

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is a Windows desktop-based SCADA system (Active Building) that implemented low-level communications to an advanced end-user interface.


  • Software Engineer

    2012 - PRESENT
    Novatus Ltd.
    • Implemented a single sign-on (SSO) system based on Authentic2 SAML implementation and LDAP back-end for users' profiles.
    • Customized modules on a Django-based online information system.
    • Developed Bulgarian localization modules for the accounting system on the Odoo ERP system.
    • Customized the manufacturing and sales modules on Odoo.
    • Aided in the development of a web-based software for the integration of the video surveillance systems and to have access to the control system.
    Technologies: Mono, C#.NET, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, HTML, NHibernate, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python, Odoo
  • CEO; Software and Automation Engineer

    2003 - 2012
    Active Solutions Ltd.
    • Managed the company and the company's projects.
    • Designed a full scale SCADA system.
    • Developed communication modules of the SCADA system using C#.Net.
    • Aided in the development of modules for a WYSIWYM graphical XML editor using C#.Net.
    • Participated in the development of a document management system using Python and PostgreSQL.
    • Designed and aided in the development of an insurance broker management system using Python and MySQL.
    • Developed validation and verification algorithms for the VIVALDI software in order to monitor the electrometers' data.
    Technologies: Windows Communication Framework (WCF), Microsoft Enterprise Library, Web Services, C#.NET
  • System Administrator and Trainer

    1996 - 2004
    Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie
    • Administrated the training for the Linux system, the network and the security system.
    • Developed and managed the LPI certification courses; these course are conducted in all Francophone countries.
    • Created web applications.
    Technologies: PostgreSQL, HTML, Python, PHP, LDAP, Linux
  • Engineer

    1995 - 1996
    Risk Engineering Ltd.
    • Designed and developed modules for the Everest multi-functional software simulator for the Nuclear Power Plant of Kozloduy, Bulgaria.
    • Aided in the nuclear power plant I&C logic analysis.
    Technologies: Windows, Logic Programming, MS-DOS, C
  • C Developer

    1990 - 1991
    InfoGuard Ltd.
    • Developed anti-virus software for DOS and Windows 3.11.
    • Analyzed a number of file-based and boot-sector viruses.
    Technologies: Windows, MS-DOS, C


  • VIVALDI | Validation and Rectification of Data Collected from Static Electrometers for the National Electric Company SC, Bulgaria

    I validated and analyzed the data collected from the static electrometers and their database storage. The software contains two parts—the application server and a remote-client communicating through a web service.

    The languages and technologies used: C#.NET 2.0, Windows Forms, ADO.NET, ASMX Web Services, XML, MS SQL, and Enterprise Library.

  • Electronic Documents Management System

    This is a web-based information system for the management of documents and related activities. For example registration, description, scanning, locating their physical location, document-use, workflow, document-status notifications to interested parties, advanced search options, and audits.

    I developed in Python and PostgreSQL.

  • eBroker | Information System for Insurance Brokers

    This is an information system covering the day-to-day activities of a country-wide insurance broker. The software was developed as a web application programmed in Python with MySQL as a database back-end. The user interface was developed using a template language for presentation and logic presentation. The system is still used today by about 1,000 insurance agents for their everyday tasks.

    A client database, insurance policies registration, management, user activities log, and an ability to get a wide range of reports are among the functionalities of the system.

  • SINUS | Semantic Technologies for Internet Services and Technolgy Aided Learning

    The project is an interdisciplinary research project aimed at advancing the two of the fastest evolving information technologies—service-oriented computing and technology-enhanced learning by applying the Semantic Web Service methodology.

    The main scientific and technological objectives created new application-oriented methods and end-user oriented tools for Semantic web service descriptions oriented to technology-enhanced learning.

    I created new methods for the dynamic Semantic web service composition that were suited for eLearning. I also developed a new Semantic service-oriented framework that was oriented towards technology-enhanced learning and facilitating the reuse of learning objects.

  • Odoo Bulgarian Localization and Customization Modules

    I designed, developed, and customized various modules for Odoo—a modern and open source ERP system developed in Python with its own object-relational mapping system. I also developed and customized financial, manufacturing, procurement, and sales modules. In addition, I analyzed the performance and made subsequent improvements to the existing modules; the result was that some of the modules became up to 30% faster.

  • SAML2 Single Sign-on Solution

    This is an SSO solution based on the SAML2 specification (using Django) and the Authentic 2 (using Python) implementation. I also customized the program and user interface for improved operation with LDAP users database and at clients' request.

  • INFRAWEBS | Intelligent Framework for Generating Open (Adaptable) Development Platforms for Web-Service Enabled Applications Using Semantic Web Technologies, Distributed Decision Support Units and Multi-agent Systems

    This enables software and service providers to build open and extensible development platforms for web service applications.

    These services ran on open standards and specifications, such as BPEL4WS, WSMO, WSMX, WSML, SPARQL, RDF, etc. In particular, they were compliant with WSMO (web services modeling ontology), an initiative submitted to W3C.

    The systems consisted of loosely-coupled and linked INFRAWEB units, with each unit providing tools and adaptable system components. Developers were able to use these components to analyze, design, and maintain WSMO-based Semantic web services across the whole lifecycle.

    These Semantic web services offered a new dimension in collaborative work and service production, service provision, and service maintenance in run-time environments.

  • Dokumenti

    This is a Windows desktop WYSIWYM XML editor for editing and semi-automatic updating of large XML documents. This was implemented using C# .NET.

  • Python Design Patterns: For Sleek And Fashionable Code (Publication)
    Python is a powerful, object-based, high-level programming language with dynamic typing and binding. Due to its flexibility and power, developers often employ certain rules, or Python design patterns. What makes them so important and what do does this mean for the average Python developer? In this post, Toptal Senior Software Engineer Andrei Boyanov explains why Python is great for design patterns, and how they can be used to unlock even more potential, or to streamline development and make code more maintainable.


  • Languages

    Python, C#, HTML5, CSS, HTML, SAML, JavaScript, SQL, C#.NET, C, PHP
  • Tools

    Odoo, Vim Text Editor, Git, Subversion (SVN)
  • Platforms

    OpenERP, Linux, MS-DOS, Windows
  • Frameworks

    Laravel, Windows Communication Framework (WCF), Django, Flask, NHibernate, ASP.NET MVC, Mono, AngularJS, Bootstrap 3, Hadoop
  • Libraries/APIs

    jQuery, SQLAlchemy, React, Microsoft Enterprise Library
  • Paradigms

    Agile Software Development, Logic Programming
  • Storage

    Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HBase
  • Other

    HTTP, LDAP, Web Services


  • Master of Science Degree in Nuclear Energy
    1990 - 1995
    Technical University of Sofia - Sofia, Bulgaria


  • Computer Vision Nanodegree
    MARCH 2019 - PRESENT

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