Andrei Serban, Full-stack Developer in Iași, Iași County, Romania
Andrei Serban

Full-stack Developer in Iași, Iași County, Romania

Member since November 12, 2015
After working for three years with different web development companies in Romania, Andrei decided to start working on his own. Since the beginning of October 2012, he has been working as a freelance developer, which is still his main occupation. Andrei develops full-stack websites, mostly using LAMP technologies and modern JavaScript frameworks. Additionally, since early 2018, he has also been developing mobile applications in React Native.
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Iași, Iași County, Romania



Preferred Environment

MacOS, Sublime Text

The most amazing...

...project I've developed is a React Native app for one of the biggest premium car manufacturers.


  • Full-stack Web Developer

    2018 - PRESENT
    Simple Logic Studio
    • Developed a business management console in CodeIgniter and Vue.js.
    • Maintained a business management console in CodeIgniter and Vue.js.
    • Built an app dedicated to the US football league in React.
    • Built an image processing app in React.
    • Built mobile app in React Native for
    Technologies: Git, PHP, CodeIgniter, Vue.js, Redux, React Native, React, Next.js
  • Full-stack Web Developer

    2012 - PRESENT
    • Founded, which is a platform for selling responsive WordPress themes.
    • Developed my first personal website,
    • Developed dozens of websites for businesses across different industries.
    • Maintained websites for clients.
    • Started as a sysadmin on Linux servers.
    • Built mobile app in React Native for
    Technologies: MongoDB, MySQL, CSS3, HTML5, Responsive Web Apps, Knockout.js, jQuery, JavaScript, Node.js, Django, Python, Smarty, CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, PHP, Laravel, Angular, Vue.js, Redux, React Native, React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS
  • React Native developer

    2019 - 2019
    Praemere LLC
    • Worked on building the mobile app in React Native.
    Technologies: Redux, React Native
  • React/React Native Developer

    2018 - 2019
    BMW Group
    • Built an internal web app in React.
    • Developed a mobile hybrid app in React Native.
    • Developed and maintained an internal web app in Vue.js.
    Technologies: Vuetify.js, Vuex, Vue.js, Sass, Gulp.js, Node.js, Redux, React Native, React, Tailwind CSS
  • Freelance Full-stack Web Developer

    2016 - 2019
    RiessGroup (via Toptal)
    • Developer Shopify app in Laravel and Angular 7.
    • Developed a complex app in CodeIgniter for product return management using a variety of third-party APIs.
    • Maintained various WordPress and Shopify websites.
    • Implemented various modules and widgets using AngularJS and Angular 2-5.
    • Designed complex email templates.
    Technologies: CSS, HTML, Sass, jQuery, Shopify API, Shopify, CodeIgniter, WordPress, PHP, Angular, Tailwind CSS
  • Full-stack Web Developer

    2017 - 2018 (via Toptal)
    • Developed and maintained an email template builder in React.
    • Developed and maintained a survey plugin in Angular.
    • Developed and maintained a few WordPress multisite projects.
    Technologies: WordPress, PHP, AngularJS, React
  • Senior Web Developer

    2010 - 2012
    East Vision Systems
    • Created a professional publishing tool called Pipeno with my team.
    • Developed and maintained websites that were part of the company's portfolio.
    • Created my first Facebook app.
    • Built my first mobile app using PhoneGap.
    • Worked as a multi-platform developer.
    Technologies: PhoneGap, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Smarty, Zend Framework, CakePHP, PHP, MVC Razor, .NET, C#
  • Full-stack Web Developer

    2009 - 2012
    • Developed a number of independent websites.
    Technologies: Visual Basic, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, MySQL, .NET, PHP, Tailwind CSS
  • Web Developer

    2009 - 2010
    • Collaborated with a development team.
    • Developed and
    • Helped build
    • Developed 8-10 other websites that are no longer live.
    Technologies: MySQL, Symfony, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • Web Developer

    2009 - 2009
    • Created several simple presentation websites.
    • Maintained other websites from the company portfolio.
    • Began developing websites like and
    • Gained my first experience in the web development field and improved my HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills.
    • Led all web development projects as the only web developer at the company.
    Technologies: MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML


  • LocatorFee

    Real estate listings portal developed with a Laravel back end and React front end. It's entirely API-based and uses a MySQL database and MongoDB for logs.

  • Email Template Builder

    Single-page app which allows creating email marketing campaigns with fully manageable email templates by drag-n-drop. The front end is connected with a WordPress-based API.

  • Appointments Management Console

    Single-page app built in Vue.js for allowing the dispatchers to create appointments and manage properties, clients, and media files.

  • BudgetTracker

    Single-page app built in Angular which allows the users to track their day to day expenses and generate various reports.

  • BMW Internal App | React

    Complex internal app built in React (with Redux, Sass, Keycloak, and REST API) for BMW, which allows for providing feedback after test drive sessions.

  • BMW Internal App | React Native

    Complex internal app built in React Native (with Redux, Keycloak, and REST API) for BMW, which allows for providing feedback after test drive sessions.

  • BMW Internal App | Vue

    Complex single-page app built in Vue.js (with Vuex, Vuetify, Sass, GraphQL, and a REST API) for BMW, which allows for monitoring vehicles.

  • Data Crawlers

    A couple of Chrome extensions dedicated to crawling information about restaurants and storing it to a local database.

    The extensions use jQuery to crawl the HTML content and send the collected info to an API developed in Laravel.

  • DebtPlanner

    Single-page app built in Angular 4 which allows users to calculate different scenarios based on their family debt.

  • Education Cost Calculator

    Single-page app built in Angular which allows users to calculate different scenarios for the secondary education costs.

  • Sparkk Shop

    Shopify eCommerce website developed for a client from Australia.

  • Sushi Planet

    A Magento website for presentation and online orders from a local restaurant in Adelaide, Australia.

  • ArtFido

    A website to buy and sell art online.

  • Rock&Stone

    A fully responsive product presentation website for a local company in Australia.

  • Smyckendahls

    An eCommerce website built for a company from Sweden using WooCommerce (WordPress).

  • DesignWithScents

    A fully responsive website built for a designer community using Joomla.

  • Reciprocus

    A fully responsive presentation website built for a multinational company using Drupal.

  • MoneyPages

    A website that offers different calculators for visitors. The site was built using CodeIgniter, AngularJS, Angular 4, Angular 7, and Sass.

  • Zensations

    A Magento eCommerce website built for a company that sells e-cigarettes.


  • Languages

    HTML5, Less, PHP 7, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, TypeScript, Python, Visual Basic, CSS3, Sass, GraphQL, C#
  • Frameworks

    Next.js, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap, React Native, Angular, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Tailwind CSS, Zend Framework, Knockout.js, Kendo UI, Django, CakePHP, .NET, MVC Razor, Smarty, PhoneGap, Redux, Vuetify.js, AngularJS, Foundation CSS, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Symfony
  • Libraries/APIs

    REST APIs, Vue.js, Shopify API, jQuery, Liquid, PHPMailer, React, Node.js, Twitter API, Stripe API, Twilio API, Chrome Application SDK, PayPal API, YouTube API, Vimeo API, HTML5 Canvas, Facebook API, Vuex, Backbone.js
  • Tools

    Shopify Plus, Figma, Apache HTTP Server, Adobe Photoshop, Sublime Text, Gulp.js, Git, KeyCloak, Adobe Illustrator
  • Paradigms

    RESTful Development, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Model View Controller (MVC), Responsive Web Design (RWD), Responsive, Functional Programming, REST
  • Platforms

    LAMP, Shopify, WordPress, Twilio, cPanel, CentOS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Firebase, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Algolia, Magento, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Heroku, Joomla, Drupal, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Storage

    MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS S3, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Other

    APIs, Shopify Theme, PSD to Shopify, Shopify Customizations, RESTful APIs, Ajax, Front-end, Web UI, Third-party APIs, Full-stack, System Administration, Payment APIs, MVP Design, User Interface (UI), eCommerce, Chrome Extensions, Shopware, Mailchimp API, Responsive Web Apps, AWS


  • Master's degree in Marketing (Negotiation and PR)
    2010 - 2012
    Alexandru Ioan Cuza - Iasi
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
    2006 - 2009
    Alexandru Ioan Cuza - Iasi

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