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Andrey Kozhevnikov

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Full-stack Web Developer

Antalya, Turkey
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June 19, 2019

Andrey is a full-stack web developer specializing in Java, JavaScript, Node.js, and Angular. With 10+ years of database experience and a master's degree in applied mathematics and informatics, Andrey has developed products with thousands of users worldwide. Clients include the United States government, the International Monetary Fund, and the executive office of the Russian president. Two of Andrey's projects have been featured in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.


Docker, Elasticsearch, SQL, React, Spring, PostgreSQL, Firebase, Webpack...
Elasticsearch, SQL, Angular, Docker, Redis, PostgreSQL, Laravel, PHP, Node.js...
SQL, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, Spring, Java




Preferred Environment

IDEA IDE, WebStorm

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is Teramind, the insider threats prevention solution that's top-rated by world-leading media such as Gartner and PC Magazine.

Work Experience

Senior Full-stack Developer

2018 - PRESENT
  • Delivered complex projects as a contractor in healthcare, insurance, business intelligence, and social network domains.
  • Facilitated the improvement, modernization, and optimization of products for multiple companies.
  • Implemented two products from scratch, each with thousands of happy users.
  • Played a crucial role in the development of a product that saves lives by preventing human errors that could cause patients to receive the wrong type of blood during transfusions.
Technologies: Docker, Elasticsearch, SQL, React, Spring, PostgreSQL, Firebase, Webpack, Angular, Spring Boot, Java, Express.js, NestJS, Node.js, TypeScript, JavaScript

Senior Developer

2015 - 2018
  • Developed key parts of a system for insider threat prevention that had around 100,000 users and was top-rated by Gartner, PC Magazine,,, and Capterra.
  • Wrote well-designed code for the back and front ends, created user interface layouts, and integrated with other parts of the system and third-party services.
  • Collaborated with customers to develop product presentations and assist with product setup and configuration.
  • Led and customer support service (up to 10 staff at a time) and trained the service agents.
Technologies: Elasticsearch, SQL, Angular, Docker, Redis, PostgreSQL, Laravel, PHP, Node.js, JavaScript

Senior Developer

2014 - 2015
  • Developed embedded software for custom network equipment with special security requirements and SDN support.
  • Designed and built a web dashboard for network administration.
  • Investigated requirements; designed, developed, and debugged system code; and created the user interface layout for the dashboard.
Technologies: SQL, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, Spring, Java

Senior Developer, Head of Department

2009 - 2014
  • Developed a BI platform used in various ministries, government institutions, and analytics departments of large companies. The platform was featured in Gartner's Magic Quadrant and received positive feedback from Russian President Medvedev.
  • Designed and implemented architecture for the platform, focusing mainly on portions of the core modules, the OLAP engine, and the analytical reporting block.
  • Managed five teams consisting of 50 developers and testers and communicated with the company's technology partners.
Technologies: SQL, Redis, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Hibernate, Spring, Java

Teramind is a top-rated cloud platform for insider threat prevention and workforce productivity optimization, top-rated by Gartner, PC Magazine, and others. As a system and web developer, I focused mainly on the hidden monitoring agent and intelligent web dashboard.

For more details and a live demo of the product, please visit the website and "take product tour" or "demo."

The mission of this portal is to make business in Russia more transparent while helping entrepreneurs manage their risks and conduct market research. The portal aggregates open data from government sources about all companies in Russia, including:
- Address, tax ID, and other registration data
- Financial statements
- Detailed data about owners and their relationships
- Lawsuits
- Contracts
- Trademarks

To access a detailed profile of a specific Russian company, you just need to enter some information into the search field, such as the company name or tax ID. The portal is written in JavaScript on top of Node.js and takes advantage of the Elasticsearch engine. The front end is built with Webpack.

This is an independent project, where I perform as the sole developer, designer, and SEO manager. The portal serves around 2,500 users per day.

DigiSigner is an electronic signature service that users love. It's an Angular-based application that allows you to sign documents remotely and paperlessly. The main application workflow includes uploading PDF documents, marking up documents, creating fields with some pre-entered data such as the current date, and sending links to signers. The service is highly flexible and configurable with a beautiful, modern UI. I completely rewrote the old version, which had limited functionality, was not mobile-friendly, and was implemented mostly on jQuery.


JavaScript, SQL, Java, TypeScript, HTML5, Sass, Less, PHP, CSS3


Applied Mathematics, Informatics


Angular, Spring, Bootstrap, Laravel, Hibernate, NestJS, Express.js, Spring Boot


jQuery, Node.js, React


Concurrent Programming


PostgreSQL, Redis, Microsoft SQL Server, Elasticsearch


WebStorm, IDEA IDE, Webpack, Gulp, Apache Maven, Git, Jenkins, TeamCity


Oracle, Firebase, Docker

2006 - 2007

Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Perm State University - Perm, Russia

2001 - 2005

Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Perm State University - Perm, Russia


Certified JavaScript Front-end Developer

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