Atanas Atanasov, Software Developer in Varna, Bulgaria
Atanas Atanasov

Software Developer in Varna, Bulgaria

Member since July 16, 2018
Atanas has been making a living as a professional front-end developer since 2010. He is very passionate about modern technologies and always seeks the best and sleekest possible solutions. His great love for detail helps him to deliver scalable and maintainable code.
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Varna, Bulgaria



Preferred Environment

Git, Chrome, Node.js, Visual Studio Code, VS Code, MacOS

The most amazing...

...project I've completed is a server-side rendered Vue.js application for an automobile manufacturer using custom SVG and JavaScript animations.


  • Web Developer

    2018 - PRESENT
    • Developed and maintained a boilerplate set up based on Webpack and Bash.
    • Worked on an email aggregation application powered by React and Redux.
    • Coded the front-end for custom WordPress themes.
    • Built and maintained an open source image optimization tool based on Node.js.
    Technologies: HTML, SCSS, CSS, JavaScript
  • Web Developer

    2012 - 2018
    htmlBurger ®
    • Created and maintained thousands of websites and web applications for small, medium, and large-scale businesses from around the globe.
    • Worked on a large amount of JavaScript-powered single-page applications.
    • Mentored and led a team of web developers and effectively participated in their journey to master front end web development.
    • Developed and maintained the internal coding standards with others.
    • Built and supported the internal automation system based on Webpack and Gulp.
    Technologies: HTML, SCSS, CSS, JavaScript


  • xForm

    I built a custom WordPress theme for a full-stack digital agency. The client required a lightweight responsive integration while providing a modern look and feel. There were also custom animations which added a final wow touch to the product that made the client really happy.

  • Kinetik Automotive

    I built this server-side rendered single-page Vue.js application with custom SVG and JavaScript animations. The client wanted to showcase their product and accent on its uniqueness and innovative features. They required the use of the most recent and up-to-date technologies in order to provide the best possible experience and the result exceeded their expectations. The project is still a work in progress.

  • Webpack MPA

    This is an open-source Webpack-based boilerplate for building multipage applications. The boilerplate's purpose is to help developers' focus on building their application instead of setting up the build process and boilerplate code. The set up is based on Webpack and provides SCSS, PostCSS, ES7, PHP support, PNG sprites, SVG sprites, automated tasks, the ability to convert to PWA, and many more.

  • Atanas Atanasov

    I developed a custom static website for Atanas Atanasov using D3.js, vanilla JavaScript, and SVG animations. The idea was to present the developer's skills and bio while keeping it fairly simple and engaging. The use of data visualization library added the original and unique look of the single-page website.


  • Languages

    HTML, CSS, SCSS, HTML5, Less, JavaScript, PHP
  • Frameworks

    Chrome, React Native, Redux, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Ionic
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, D3.js, React, Vue, Vuex, jQuery, jQuery UI, Babylon.js
  • Tools

    VS Code, Webpack, Gulp, Git, Stylus, PostCSS, Grunt, Subversion (SVN)
  • Paradigms

    Class-based OOP, Prototype-based OOP, Functional Programming, REST, DevOps
  • Platforms

    Visual Studio Code, MacOS, WordPress
  • Other

    SVG Animation, SVG, Front-end Development, Cordova


  • Master's Degree in Marketing
    2003 - 2009
    University of Economics Varna - Varna, Bulgaria

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