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Bohdan Tsymbala

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Toptal Member Since
April 19, 2020

Bohdan is a software engineer with experience in library/framework and product development, mainly in the domain of web application development. He has a strong belief in software development concepts and theories and has an interest in software modeling, programming languages, artificial intelligence, and more.

Jest, Vue, Webpack, ECMAScript (ES6), Hadoop, Apache Kafka, MySQL, Perl...
Polymer, AngularJS, ECMAScript (ES6), Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch...
Compare Group
jQuery, Knockout (Knockout.js), TypeScript, JavaScript, Cassandra...




Preferred Environment

ELK (Elastic Stack), Windows, Ubuntu, MacOS, SSH, Bash, Yarn, NPM, Apache Maven, Kubernetes, Docker, Sonar, PagerDuty, Grafana, Jenkins, Jira, Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Mercurial, Subversion (SVN), Git, Vim Text Editor, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), IntelliJ IDEA

The most amazing...

...thing that I've developed was a recommendation system for investment advisors in banking to help customers build their financial instruments portfolio.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

2019 - PRESENT
  • Implemented and maintained the applications for the management of promotion products owned by the team.
  • Led the architecture and development of an initial set of microservices for the promotions platform used to set up and serve promotions from partners of
  • Developed a microservice for visitor segmentation based on parameters of request to target them with specific pricing products.
  • Conducted multiple workshops and training within the department on the topic of developing microservices using Java and Spring Boot.
  • Conducted training within on the topic of frontend automated testing practices.
  • Set up CI pipelines behind the microservices owned by the department.
  • Set up monitoring for the business and technical metrics for microservices and processes owned by the team and department, based on ELK stack, Graphana and internal tooling at Booking.
Technologies: Jest, Vue, Webpack, ECMAScript (ES6), Hadoop, Apache Kafka, MySQL, Perl, Dropwizard, Spring Boot, Java

Senior Software Engineer

2012 - 2019
  • Led the architecture and development of a new greenfield portfolio management product targeted towards Belgian customers as part of unifying platforms behind the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Implemented a significant part of the compliance requirements of MIFID 2 European legislation for investment advice and portfolio management product owned by the team.
  • Developed internal assisted channels signaling/notification infrastructure.
  • Developed automatic mock generation based on OpenAPI contract for testing consuming microservices and applications.
  • Contributed to the implementation of a generic consensus algorithm used in microservices within the investments department.
  • Set up CI pipelines behind part of the microservices owned by the teams.
  • Contributed to setting up monitoring for the microservices owned by the teams based on the ELK stack.
Technologies: Polymer, AngularJS, ECMAScript (ES6), Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch, Oracle Database, Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, Java

Senior Software Engineer

2012 - 2017
Compare Group
  • Led the architecture and development of the web tier during the full rebuild of the company product and the software behind it.
  • Led the full interaction redesign project of the customer-facing web sites to achieve more customer loyalty and better conversion rates.
  • Developed internal tooling related to the management of the product offering publication process.
  • Contributed to the development of microservices for events gathering, processing, and set up analytics in the ELK stack.
  • Reworked the web application architecture to reactive/asynchronous approach for better scalability and resilience to failures.
  • Participated in 24x7 standby shifts as the first line to evaluate and potentially troubleshoot the problems with production environments.
  • Managed external consultants working on projects within the web tier.
  • Integrated multiple third-party systems including Google DFP, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Social Login, Facebook Social Login, and Optimizely.
  • Participated in architecturing the monitoring system for the company product based on the ELK stack and PagerDuty.
Technologies: jQuery, Knockout (Knockout.js), TypeScript, JavaScript, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, MySQL, Dropwizard, Spring, Java

Software Engineer

2011 - 2012
  • Developed the modeling language and its API in the framework.
  • Developed server-side services built on Node.js and MySQL.
  • Developed automatic GUI generation based on the application model.
  • Developed GUI components for the application framework.
Technologies: PHP, Ubuntu, MySQL, Node.js, JavaScript

Software Engineer and Team Lead

2007 - 2011
  • Led the team working on the framework built on web standards.
  • Developed part of the co-browsing software built upon the framework.
  • Developed the client and admin part of the Enterprise Portal Framework 5.
  • Developed UI part of visual IDE for client framework based on Eclipse.
Technologies: MacOS, Eclipse, Java, Apache Maven, DOM, CSS, XHTML, XML, JavaScript

Software Engineer

2005 - 2007
  • Developed GUI components for the application framework.
  • Incorporated automated testing using unit testing and e2e tests into the workflow.
  • Set up the outsourcing office for the remote workers of the company.
Technologies: DOM, CSS, XHTML, XML, JavaScript

Product Comparison Website
A product comparison web application based on Java microservices written in Spring/Dropwizard and a KnockoutJS based front end. I was responsible for defining the web tier technology stack (both front-end and back-end) during the replatforming effort and building a big part of the application making a lot of architectural design decisions.
2001 - 2006

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Chernivtsi National 'Juriy Fedkovyc' University - Chernivtsi, Ukraine


REST APIs, JDBC, Vue, React, jQuery, Jackson, Vue 2, OpenAPI, JMS, Vuex, React Redux, Polymer, Node.js, RxJS, RESTEasy, Chai


Git, Subversion (SVN), Jira, IntelliJ IDEA, Vim Text Editor, Apache Maven, NPM, ELK (Elastic Stack), Webpack, Saxon, GitLab, Jenkins, GitHub, Bitbucket, Grafana, Vue CLI, Mocha, Karma, Mercurial, Sonar


JPA, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JUnit, Swagger, Angular, AngularJS, Dropwizard, JSF, Jersey, Jest, Jasmine, PowerMock, Mockito, Express.js, Vuetify, OAuth 2, Yarn, Hadoop, Knockout (Knockout.js), Redux, Cypress, Selenium


Java 8, CSS3, HTML5, SCSS, TypeScript 3, Java, ECMAScript (ES6), JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, XHTML, SQL, Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL), XML, XSLT, XPath, XQuery, Perl, GraphQL, Bash, PHP, C++, Kotlin, Python, Scala, Elm, RELAX NG, RDF


Microservices, Web Architecture, REST, Imperative Programming, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Functional Programming, Object-oriented Design (OOD), Refactoring, Design Patterns, Pair Programming, Test-driven Development (TDD), Requirements Analysis, Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Integration (CI), Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, Reactive Programming, Aspect-oriented Programming, Data-driven Development, Behavior-driven Development (BDD)


Jakarta EE, Apache Kafka, Docker, PagerDuty, MacOS, Ubuntu, Windows, Amazon Web Services (AWS), DigitalOcean, Oracle Database, Eclipse, Kubernetes, NetBeans, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)


Spring Data JPA, Spring Data Elasticsearch, JSON, Elasticsearch, Relational Databases, Spring Data, Oracle RDBMS, MySQL, XML Schema, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Apache Hive

Industry Expertise

Banking & Finance


Algorithms, Software Engineering, Technical Leadership, RESTful Microservices, API Design, CI/CD Pipelines, Leadership, Leadership Development, DOM, Regular Expressions, Distributed Software, Relational Database Design, Code Review, Release Management, A/B Testing, Software Architecture, Training, Team Leadership, Training & Training Content Development, Web Components, Development, Fintech, Chrome Extensions, Investment Banking, OAuth, SSH, Private Clouds, EBNF, lit-html, Spring Cloud

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