Bojan Kverh, Mathematics Developer in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Bojan Kverh

Mathematics Developer in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Member since November 11, 2015
During his career as a computer programmer and assistant professor at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Bojan has gained a wealth of experience in different computer science fields. He has learned to develop professional, well-documented, and easy-to-maintain applications for all of his clients.
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  • C 20 years
  • C++ 20 years
  • Linux 15 years
  • Qt 15 years
  • Qt Creator 7 years


Ljubljana, Slovenia



Preferred Environment

Qt Creator, Linux

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on was an optimized map painting for quality and speed in the LX Zeus project, which is a navigational device for glider airplanes.


  • Software Developer

    2017 - PRESENT
    • Developed algorithms for marine navigation.
    • Built a QML user interface.
    • Supported applications (icons editor, map uploading, map creation).
    Technologies: Qt, C++
  • Lead Software Developer

    2011 - 2017
    LX Navigation
    • Developed the software for a navigational device for glider airplanes called LX Zeus with C++ and Qt.
    • Optimized map drawing in the LX Zeus application, both for speed and quality, using bilinear interpolation.
    • Developed software for downloading OpenStreetMap maps, extracting relevant information out of huge XML files and converting them into LX Zeus format.
    • Developed an online application for maintaining the airfields database.
    • Developed an application where users can define class members and methods with GUI, so the application can generate the C++ code of that class.
    Technologies: jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, Qt, C++
  • Software Developer

    2015 - 2015
    Open Source
    • Built a general library for drawing analog indicators, which look like speed indicators in cars.
    • Developed general widgets for displaying analytical function graphs.
    • Created general widgets for displaying diagrams.
    Technologies: Qt, C++
  • Web Developer

    2005 - 2012
    • Developed software for handling MO and MT bulk mobile phone messages.
    • Connected the software to three different mobile operators' APIs.
    • Built the company's web page.
    • Optimized database operations.
    • Created applets to monitor different website statistic parameters.
    Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP
  • Teaching Assistant/Assistant Professor

    1995 - 2011
    Faculty of Computer and Information Science
    • Taught several classes ranging from computer graphics, algorithms, and data structures to rapid application development.
    • Created an application for the improved registration of range images.
    • Developed criteria for parametric model selection to be used in computer vision applications as part of a PhD thesis.
    • Built a C++ and Qt GUI application, which reconstructs parametrical models from range images using 3D data.
    • Developed many demo applications in C++ and Qt for teaching purposes.
    Technologies: Computer Vision, Rapid Application Development (RAD), Computer Graphics, Data Structures, C++
  • Software Developer

    2006 - 2008
    Loterija Slovenije
    • Developed the user interface for an application that sells lottery tickets.
    • Developed an XML-based communication protocol to communicate with the server application.
    • Integrated the application into an existing system controlled by a third party.
    Technologies: XML, Qt, C++


  • LX Zeus

    LX Zeus is a navigational device for glider airplanes, which was developed using C++ and Qt.

  • Lottery Tickets Sales

    This is a client application that allows salesmen to sell lottery tickets to customers. Every transaction is sent to a centralized server for approval. The application is property of Loterija Slovenije, which is the main lottery tickets sales company in Slovenija.

  • Registration of Range Images

    This research project application allows user to register 3D data obtained from different viewpoints and create a 3D CAD model. The link is to the article that was published in Computing Journal about the application.

  • Method for the Selection of Parametric Models in a Data Segmentation Framework

    This application was part of a PhD thesis. It demonstrated how the selection of an optimal set of parametric models, fitted to different datasets, works.

  • How to Get Rounded Corner Shapes in C++ Using Bezier Curves and QPainter: A Step-by-Step Guide (Publication)
    The current trend in graphic design is to use a lot of rounded corners in all sorts of shapes. We can observe this on many web pages, mobile devices, and desktop applications, as rounded corners make the user interface feel smoother and nicer. However, what if we have to generate rounded corners on the fly, and we cannot preload it from an image? In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Bojan Kverh guides us in a step-by-step tutorial on how to develop a simple class in C++ that can turn a complex polygon into a shape with rounded corners using Bezier curves and QPainter.


  • Languages

    C++, C, XML, PHP, HTML, SQL, JavaScript
  • Frameworks

  • Other

    Data Structures, Mathematics, Matrix Algebra, Computer Graphics, Linear Algebra, Computer Vision, Multithreading
  • Tools

    Qt Creator, Subversion (SVN)
  • Paradigms

    Unit Testing, Rapid Application Development (RAD), Agile Software Development
  • Platforms

  • Libraries/APIs

  • Storage

    SQLite, MySQL


  • PhD degree in Computer Engineering
    1998 - 2001
    Faculty of Computer and Information Science - Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Master's degree in Computer Engineering
    1995 - 1998
    Faculty of Computer and Information Science - Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering
    1991 - 1995
    Faculty of Computer and Electrical Engineering - Ljubljana, Slovenia

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