Brendon Hogger, Python Developer in Taipei, Taiwan
Brendon Hogger

Python Developer in Taipei, Taiwan

Member since October 16, 2013
Brendon has 20 years of experience designing and delivering software from fintech back ends to enterprise telecom solutions. He believes in relentless refactoring and running code. He is an Erlang, Elixir, and Python expert and has worked with dozens of other languages and technologies.
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  • EMQ
    Erlang, PostgreSQL, React, AWS, Architecture, CTO
  • Ericsson Taiwan
    JavaScript, Java, Python, Go, Architecture
  • Cogini
    C++, Java, Ruby, Erlang, Python, Architecture



Taipei, Taiwan



Preferred Environment

Git, Linux, Emacs

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is an EU-funded open source classroom management platform, now used every day by hundreds of thousands of Greek schoolchildren.


  • Head of Platforms

    2014 - 2020
    • Acted as a first technical hire at a startup doing remittance between compliance-heavy Asian countries. Designed the back end, hired the engineering team, and managed it for six years. I never lost a transaction.
    • Presented to investors, regulators, banks, and other fintech, including Tencent and Alipay.
    • Worked extensively on workflow, accounting, FX, and reporting functions. Integrated with dozens of external services. Helped stakeholders across the company figure out what they needed to work together.
    Technologies: Erlang, PostgreSQL, React, AWS, Architecture, CTO
  • Software Architect

    2012 - 2014
    Ericsson Taiwan
    • Drove portal architecture and development for a major IPTV solution.
    • Designed and developed custom re-implementations of middleware nodes including a million-connection notification server.
    • Built tools and customizations to enable seamless, atomic upgrades.
    • Managed and mentored multiple development teams working for Ericsson, various customers, or third-party contracting shops.
    • Introduced improved software practices, including TDD and branch-based development.
    Technologies: JavaScript, Java, Python, Go, Architecture
  • Lead Developer

    2008 - 2012
    • Built Taiwan's largest penny auction website in Erlang and PHP, running complex business logic for tens of thousands of users in realtime. Maintained zero auction logic bugs from launch through three years of production.
    • Implemented a chat server for a social networking startup in Erlang. Supported multiple client protocols and highly dynamic group chats.
    • Built a realtime video keying server for a Korean TV channel in Erlang and C++.
    • Designed an HIPAA-compliant mobile health application for the developing world.
    • Implemented in-house tools including web frameworks, database schema management libraries, and OpenID servers.
    Technologies: C++, Java, Ruby, Erlang, Python, Architecture
  • Senior Developer

    2005 - 2012
    HFD, LLC
    • Designed and built a next-generation CMS platform for a major US medical institute.
    • Built complex workflows for medical news publishing.
    • Administered servers and databases.
    • Wrote "pyth", a document conversion library in Python with excellent RTF support that is now widely used.
    • Contributed to various open source projects based on the Twisted stack.
    Technologies: Python
  • Contract Developer

    2006 - 2007
    Rimowa Taiwan
    • Built a custom POS server and client for stores in Taiwan.
    • Integrated logistics, inventory management, back-office, and sales.
    • Performed on-site installation, training, and support.
    Technologies: Python
  • Systems Programmer

    2004 - 2006
    Hess Educational Institution
    • Designed and built online testing software used by all Hess schools.
    • Ran the Hess online bookstore, including catalogue management.
    • Improved teacher scheduling tools.
    • Built a talking robot.
    Technologies: Java, Perl, Python
  • Lead Developer

    1999 - 2001
    Internet Business Solutions
    • Built an eCommerce website platform allowing businesses to quickly create an online presence.
    • Implemented reusable site components including product catalogues and discussion forums.
    • Gave pitches and demos to partner companies and customers.
    Technologies: Perl
  • Programmer

    1998 - 1998
    Imperial College, London
    • Built a website to connect students with potential project mentors.
    Technologies: Perl


  • Pyth

    A tool for Python document processing with great RTF reading support that is widely used.

  • Schemup

    A database and ORM agnostic schema management tool designed for distributed teams with high contention on changes. It maintains security and facilitates recovery.

  • Erlang OpenID 2.0

    The first, and possibly only, implementation of OpenID 2 in Erlang, now used in web services, desktop applications, and at least one MMO.

  • Erlang Second Life Client

    A robust Erlang implementation of the Second Life network protocol.

  • Loge -- Go Object Database

    A fully ACID object database in Go supporting MVCC, tight integration with Go structs, secondary indexes, and a network client protocol.

  • Go Programming Language: An Introductory Golang Tutorial (Publication)
    Go is a relatively new language with a number of attractive features. It's great for writing concurrent programs, thanks to an excellent set of low-level features for handling concurrency. In many cases, though, a handful of reusable abstractions over those low-level mechanisms makes life much easier. This introductory tutorial walks you through building one such abstraction: a wrapper that can turn any data structure into a transactional service in Go.


  • Languages

    Python, Erlang, JavaScript, SQL, C++, Ruby, C, Perl, Go, Elixir, Java
  • Other

    Architecture, AWS, CTO
  • Libraries/APIs

  • Tools

    Emacs, Git
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Riak
  • Platforms



  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science
    2000 - 2003
    University of Warwick - England

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