Camille Potard, Software Developer in Redding, CA, United States
Camille Potard

Software Developer in Redding, CA, United States

Member since November 20, 2014
Camille is a senior software developer with 20 years of experience building desktop applications for notable clients, such as E-on software, Hitachi, and Alstom. His primary expertise includes C, C++, Python, and real-time technologies with 3D software, in railway, power, video, imaging, and web domains. Camille thrives in remote environments with small or medium-sized teams.
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  • Freelance
    C, C++17, Qt 5, SIMD, AVX2, Assembler x86, ARM Assembler, Neon, C++, Qt...
  • SNCF
    C++, Oracle SQL, Windows, Git, Databases...
  • Alstom
    C++, TCP/IP, UDP, CVS, Multithreading, Networking, Databases...


  • Python 20 years
  • C 20 years
  • C++ 20 years
  • Standard Template Library (STL) 20 years
  • Windows 20 years
  • TCP/IP 15 years
  • SQL 10 years
  • FFmpeg 8 years


Redding, CA, United States



Preferred Environment


The most amazing...

...application I've created was a very fast video editing application with original features.


  • Developer

    2019 - PRESENT
    • Debugged compilation of C++ library embedded into Python and C++ cross-compiling from Linux to Windows using MXE.
    • Implemented Deflate64, LZMA, PPmD, BZ2 algorithms in an existing Zip compression library, using JavaScript.
    • Implemented a SIMD visualization algorithm, using AVX (x86) and NEON (ARM) intrinsics and assembly programming.
    • Modified an FFmpeg library (C code), adding the possibility to add a delay on RTMP stream, replace compressed frames in real time (Windows, Linux, OBS, Nginx RTMP), and add a pause function for real-time capture.
    • Added new functions to a camera and screen capture recording application made in Qt/QML/CMake on Windows and Mac OS X (C++17 development).
    • Integrated a web browser and a video player for survey rewarding in a VPN desktop application (Qt/QML/Windows/C++).
    • Developed a PSD image generator, using Python and C.
    Technologies: C, C++17, Qt 5, SIMD, AVX2, Assembler x86, ARM Assembler, Neon, C++, Qt, CMake, C++11, C++14, Git, Databases
  • C++ Developer

    2018 - 2019
    • Maintained, enhanced, and added features to the software used to manage all real estate properties held by the French national train company (SNCF).
    • Added new functions and enhanced the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).
    • Created and fixed Oracle SQL stored procedures and queries.
    Technologies: C++, Oracle SQL, Windows, Git, Databases, Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC)
  • C++ Developer

    2018 - 2018
    • Ported OGT-G software from Visual Studio 6 C++ code to Visual Studio 2015.
    • Upgraded various libraries; for example, Rogue Wave Tools libraries to Rogue Wave SourcePro and LOG Viewer 5.0 libraries to Rogue Wave Views 6.0.
    • Added new functions to railway communication software (SML400T) and worked on the communication layer, using TCP/IP/UDP.
    Technologies: C++, TCP/IP, UDP, CVS, Multithreading, Networking, Databases, Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC)
  • C++ Developer

    2015 - 2018
    Hitachi Rail
    • Assisted in developing railway supervision and control software (RCCS), featuring maintenance, timetables, and signaling. This supervision software is used for high-speed trains between France and London and on other train lines.
    • Focused on the TCP/IP/UDP communication layer (bug fixes and protocol enhancements), added new functions to the core of the software (using C++, Rogue Wave Server/Views, and Visual Studio), and developed new GUI elements.
    • Updated development tools and C++ code to the latest (from 2000 to 2015).
    Technologies: C++, Windows, Python, Tcl/Tk, C, TCP/IP, UDP, CVS, Multithreading, Networking, Databases
  • Web Developer

    2014 - 2018
    • Developed a full payment system (
    • Converted an old PHP site to Django-Python (
    • Integrated multiple web scrapers and added a video insertion system.
    • Added new sections to the website ( and a complex statistics system based on multiple sources, such as Google Analytics and Facebook.
    • Enhanced the server configuration based on Debian and AWS.
    Technologies: Python, Django, PHP, CSS, SCSS, HTML, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, jQuery, MySQL, Networking, Databases, AWS, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • C++ Developer

    2014 - 2014
    • Developed power grid software for power line management, which is used in many countries, corrected bugs, and added new functions.
    • Fixed numerous bugs involving multilayer programming in C++, C#, and Fortran.
    • Added new functions to the core of the program for specific projects.
    Technologies: C++, Fortran, C#, CVS, Multithreading, Networking, Databases
  • C++ Developer

    2010 - 2014
    Hitachi Rail
    • Co-developed railway maintenance software (FRONTAM).
    • Assisted in developing railway supervision and control software (RCCS), featuring maintenance, timetables, and signaling. This supervision software is used for high-speed trains between France and London and on other train lines.
    • Focused on the TCP/IP/UDP communication layer (bug fixes and protocol enhancements), added new functions to the core of the software (using C++, Rogue Wave Server and Views, and Visual Studio), and developed new GUI elements.
    • Wrote software specification documentation for human-machine interface (HMI) and core function modifications.
    • Implemented scripts for installation and configuration of the environment and for data generation, using Python, Batch, Tcl/Tk. Wrote automatic tests in Python.
    • Optimized software by using more efficient algorithms.
    • Developed a new project for a new train line with corresponding HMI, data, and software modifications.
    • Fixed numerous hard-to-find bugs that had been hidden in the code since the creation of the software ten years earlier.
    Technologies: C++, C, Windows, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Python, Tcl/Tk, Batch, Linux, TCP/IP, UDP, CVS, Multithreading, Networking, Databases, Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC)
  • C/C++ Developer

    2013 - 2013
    • Developed Scene 4 viewer software—a frame-accurate, remote H264 video viewer—based on C++, C#, and FFmpeg library.
    • Developed a high-end, multithreaded algorithm for the CPU.
    • Implemented an RTSP/TCP-based communication layer for remote viewing.
    Technologies: C++, Windows, C, C#, FFmpeg, CVS, Multithreading, GDB, Networking
  • Software Architect, Designer, and C++ Developer

    2004 - 2010
    • Conceived, designed, and developed video editing software.
    • Implemented the complete development cycle, including a market study, conception, design, realization, and coding.
    • Designed the GUI and the GUI library that goes with it.
    • Integrated public-domain libraries, such as wxWidgets and FFmpeg, that worked on all desktop platforms for Linux, Mac, and Windows compilation.
    • Implemented many image and sound processing algorithms and an important real-time layer for multithreading and x86 SSE assembler optimization.
    Technologies: Windows, C++, Boost, Standard Template Library (STL), FFmpeg, Subversion (SVN), Multithreading, GDB
  • C++ Developer

    2001 - 2004
    E-on Software
    • Developed Ozone 2, a sky and cloud rendering plugin for various 3D software products, such as Cinema 4D and 3ds Max.
    • Ported the main application for a 3D landscape design and rendering software product from Microsoft Windows to Mac OS X and Vue.
    • Designed an automatic compilation and update creation system.
    • Corrected bugs, optimized a SIMD assembler, added new functionalities, and reverse engineered a competitor's file format.
    Technologies: Windows, Mac OS, C++, MySQL, Multithreading, Networking, OpenGL, Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC)


  • Video Editing Application

    A C++-based video editing application for desktop Windows, using the wxWidgets library for the HMI and the FFmpeg library for video rendering. After starting this as a personal project, it became a full-time job as a startup entrepreneur. At its inception in 2004, there were not many video editing applications, and most of them were quite slow.

    The idea was to develop a very fast application with a very fast HMI, written in templatized C++, using an optimized widget drawing system designed for video editing and written entirely from scratch. I collaborated on this project with my father, also a software engineer, and he wrote the audio rendering part of the project.

    I led this project to the first fully functional version, which was four years after the project was initiated. While serving as the project manager, architect, designer, and developer, I wrote nearly 80,000 lines of code. For urgent personal reasons, I stopped working on the application just before the beginning of the commercialization, but it is fully working. You can take a look at the HMI on the project website.

  • Contribution to RCCS Project

    RCCS is a railway control center application, running on Windows, for supervision, control, and scheduling of high-speed trains between the Channel Tunnel and London. It is a critical environment because it's used to manage train routes, schedules, positions, and status. There were unresolved bugs in the software for many years, and system (not train) crashes sometimes led to huge delays on the highly frequented train line because the management of the whole train schedule depended on this software. Delays on this line were very expensive!

    My role was to find and solve the very hard-to-find bugs, using a lot of inputs from circumstances, a memory dump, and a stack dump. Because I was able to debug the assembler code directly in a binary library (ILOG Server) that this software was depending on, I found the origin of the bugs and proposed a correction to fix them. After the corrections were applied, the software was very stable and there were no more delays due to the software.

  • TopChretien Website

    A website for a non-profit organization that depends solely on gifts from people for its economical model. One of my main contributions was the development of an easy-to-use gift page based on Django-Python, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. I made it very easy for people to contribute to the charity by entering their information and paying in a variety of easy ways. Contributions increased by 60% in the year that the page was deployed.


  • Languages

    C++, Python, C, SQL, Batch, PHP, CSS, SCSS, HTML, JavaScript, Assembler, C++17, Assembler x86, C++11, C++14, Tcl/Tk, C#, Fortran, Caml, UML, Java, ARM Assembler
  • Libraries/APIs

    Standard Template Library (STL), FFmpeg, Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC), jQuery, wxWidgets, OpenGL
  • Tools

    Visual Studio, Shell, CMake, Subversion (SVN), CVS, Git, GDB
  • Platforms

    Windows, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mac OS
  • Other

    Scripting, TCP/IP, Multithreading, Networking, SIMD, AVX2, AWS, Neon, UDP
  • Frameworks

    Boost, Django, Qt 5, Qt
  • Storage

    Oracle SQL, MySQL, Databases, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Elasticsearch


  • Master's Degree in Computer Science
    1997 - 2001
    Paris XI University - Orsay, France

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