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Daan Terra

Daan Terra

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Member since June 4, 2015
Daan is an enthusiastic and helpful person. He uses software design principles and object-oriented thinking in technical domains. He's experienced in the development of large and complex products. His strongest knowledge and experience is in Java, Android and C#.NET. Daan has worked in interdisciplinary teams as a team lead. Projects with international partners or customers resulted in successful and timely delivery of new software components.
Daan is now available for hire
  • Object-oriented Design (OOD), 13 years
  • C#, 12 years
  • Java, 12 years
  • MATLAB, 10 years
  • Android, 5 years
  • WPF, 3 years
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Preferred Environment
IntelliJ, Visual Studio, Android Studio, WebStorm
The most amazing...
...demo I've developed let people drive through a real-world city and reproduced an accurate 3D traffic simulation immediately afterward from laser-scanned data.
  • Freelance Software Engineer
    2017 - PRESENT
    Edwards Lifesciences
    • Developed new features to perform medical procedures in C# using WPF.
    • Helped improve the development environment with automatic build and test processes.
    • Extended cross-device functionality where a C# GUI communicates with an embedded C++ app.
    • Helped introduce JIRA and Agile methodology.
    Technologies: C#, WPF, SVN, Jenkins, JIRA
  • Freelance Software Engineer
    2017 - PRESENT
    Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM)
    • Developed a desktop widget for internal use.
    • Handled requirements analysis with non-tech departments.
    Technologies: C#, WPF, REST
  • Owner
    2015 - PRESENT
    • Developed a user-configurable animated wallpaper for Android devices using OpenGL.
    • Developed a brainy puzzle game for Android devices.
    Technologies: Android (Native), OpenGL, libGDX, Material Design
  • Freelance Project Developer
    2016 - 2017
    GriDD Consultancy
    • Analyzed project requirements.
    • Developed a tool to visualize partners and sales data geographically.
    Technologies: JavaScript, AmCharts, AmMaps
  • Freelance Software Engineer
    2016 - 2017
    Cireca Theranostics
    • Designed the UX for a tool for the exploration of microscope images and metadata.
    • Developed a prototype of the exploration tool.
    Technologies: Java, JavaFX, Spring, MySQL, Matlab
  • Freelance Android Developer
    2016 - 2016
    • Helped develop an app for viewing premium video content.
    • Helped develop an app for recording personal video messages.
    • Helped develop a product store.
    • Added analytics functionality to an existing app.
    • Helped improve the quality of an existing codebase.
    Technologies: Android (Native), JSON, Facebook API, Google Analytics
  • Software Engineer
    2010 - 2015
    TASS International
    • Added a new configurable road segment with partial Euler spiral shape to a traffic scenario editor in C#.
    • Added a new sensor for the detection of lane markers to a traffic scenario simulator using OpenSceneGraph in C++, Python, and C#.
    • Developed a plugin to import road user data measured by laser scanners on a vehicle into a traffic scenario editor in C#.
    • Developed a plugin to import real-world traffic accident data into a traffic scenario editor in C#.
    • Developed a generation of 3D guardrail models using C# calling C++ through SWIG.
    • Added configuration and generation of lane marker patterns using C#.
    • Improved performance and usability of a traffic scenario editor in C#.NET.
    • Added 3D visualization of sensor beams to a traffic scenario simulation visualization. This is done with OpenSceneGraph in C++ with control from Java and Python.
    • Debugged a wide variety of issues through C#, Java, Python, C++, Matlab, and Simulink.
    • Managed work and communication as a Scrum Master of a team with interdisciplinary members.
    • Sought, assessed, interviewed, and trained new software development employees.
    Technologies: C#, Java, Python, C++, Matlab, Simulink
  • Outsourced Software Engineer
    2013 - 2013
    SEARCH S.C. - Safety Engineering Research
    • Performed skill assessments, interviews, coaching, and project management to set up a new software development team.
    • Developed highly configurable road marking patterns for a traffic scenario editor for the automotive safety market.
    • Developed a plugin framework for a traffic scenario editor for the automotive safety market.
    Technologies: C#
  • Computer Science Student
    2005 - 2010
    Delft University of Technology
    • Assisted the training of students in object-oriented software development principles.
    • Developed a Reversi/Othello artificial intelligence.
    • Developed a hand gesture recognition library for the control of a media player.
    Technologies: C#, Java, Matlab, C++
  • Scientific Research Intern
    2009 - 2009
    Associação Brasileira de Informática (ABINFO)
    • Developed a user experience research tool in Java to investigate the impact of input device on primary school children of multiple cultures.
    Technologies: Java
  • Independent Software Developer
    2007 - 2007
    Dutch Heart Foundation
    • Developed a networked real-world running game for children in C#.
    Technologies: C#
  • Languages
    C#, Java, XML, UML, JavaScript, Simulink, Python, HTML, C++, C, GLSL, Haskell
  • Frameworks
    WPF, Android SDK, NUnit, .NET, Knockout.js, Boost C++, JUnit, Google Protocol Buffer, Qt, Spring
  • Libraries/APIs
    Log4Net, LINQ, WinForms, Android API, OpenGL, jQuery
  • Tools
    Visual Studio, Subversion (SVN), Mercurial, MATLAB, JIRA, Android Studio, Mantis, SWIG, Eclipse IDE, Git, Help+Manual, OpenSceneGraph, CMake
  • Paradigms
    Agile Software Development, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Unit Testing, Scrum, Object-oriented Design (OOD), Test-driven Development (TDD), Design Patterns, Reflective programming, Functional Programming
  • Platforms
    Windows, Android, JavaFX, Firebase, Linux
  • Storage
    SQLite, MySQL, JSON
  • Other
    Project Management, Doxygen, In-app Purchases, Google Material Design, log4j
  • Master's degree in Computer Science: Media and Knowledge Engineering
    2007 - 2010
    Delft University of Technology - Delft, The Netherlands
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
    2004 - 2007
    Delft University of Technology - Delft, The Netherlands
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