Darshan Sachaniya, Fullstack Developer in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Darshan Sachaniya

Fullstack Developer in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Member since January 26, 2022
Darshan is an open-minded web developer who is always ready for new challenges. He spent most of his career in web development, working on projects across different industries, including government, banking, insurance, eCommerce, and education. He started developing with JavaScript but has been recently working with React and in front-end development. Darshan loves working with great people, inspiring and being inspired by others.
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  • Xebia Group
    JavaScript, React, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Web Applications...
  • Apps Integra
    JavaScript, React, Node.js, MongoDB, Jira, Full-stack, Full-stack Development...
  • Webrex Studio
    JavaScript, React, Node.js, Express.js, Redux, Full-stack...



Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



Preferred Environment

Slack, Teams, IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code, Git, Jira, MacOS, JavaScript 6

The most amazing...

...project I've recently worked on is the IDFC FIRST Bank specialized banking services, available on Android, iOS, and web.


  • Senior Consultant

    2019 - 2021
    Xebia Group
    • Developed an online banking application from the ground up and configured the project structure for the wealth module.
    • Articulated project requirements and converted them into optimized and well-managed code.
    • Created reusable React components for the date picker, dropdown, buttons, and input styles according to the provided designs.
    • Delivered the wealth and investment module with different features, including mutual fund, SGB, life and term insurance, set goal investment, trading, and Demat account redirection. All these align with the Reserve Bank of India's law.
    • Took part in the sprint-related events. Managed the sprint planning and retrospective and created tasks inside the stories.
    • Deployed the application and used GitHub for pull requests.
    Technologies: JavaScript, React, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Web Applications, HTTP REST, CSS, Zeplin, Online Banking, Finance, Front-end
  • Full-stack Developer

    2018 - 2019
    Apps Integra
    • Developed a web application for a large-scale government program, the TAMM Abu Dhabi.
    • Tracked and solved bugs using Jira. Worked with the Agile software development methodology.
    • Collaborated closely with several government entities, including the Department of Economic Development (DED) and the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA).
    Technologies: JavaScript, React, Node.js, MongoDB, Jira, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Web Applications, HTTP REST, CSS, Zeplin, Front-end, Back-end, HTML, MySQL
  • Full-stack Developer

    2017 - 2019
    Webrex Studio
    • Developed an online recruitment tool from the ground level and set up the project structure and the application skeleton.
    • Grew a single-person company into a 10-employees one within a few months.
    • Led agile squad teams in developing the local business.
    Technologies: JavaScript, React, Node.js, Express.js, Redux, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Web Applications, HTTP REST, CSS, Figma, Zeplin, React DnD, D3.js, Front-end, Back-end, HTML, TypeScript, Sequelize, MySQL
  • Software Engineer

    2015 - 2017
    Tata Consultancy Services
    • Developed an interactive maths application for UK students, which provides online tutorials, exam questions, and games for more interactive learning activities.
    • Tracked and fixed bugs story using Jira with Agile.
    • Grew a project team from six up to 25 elements. Helped them with very smooth onboarding and project understanding sessions.
    Technologies: Java, Android, Jira, Web Applications, CSS, Educational Games, Front-end, Back-end


  • TAMM Abu Dhabi

    TAMM Abu Dhabi is a single platform to set up and manage a business. It was initially meant for restaurants and later extended and merged for multiple businesses. It focuses on government approvals and procedures and costing and employment-specific tasks.


    IDFC FIRST provides specialized banking services to simplify the everyday banking needs of an individual or an entire business. I was a crucial part of the business team, applying my development skills to create the product that caters to business needs related to investments like mutual funds, SGB investments, setting goals, insurance, trading, and Demat redirection.

  • Pret A Manger

    Developed a web and mobile application for ordering food online and collecting it later. I was a full-stack developer tasked with turning the great idea of click and collect feature into a real-time solution using React, Node.js, and Next.js. We also used commercetools for managing the content, Jira for management tools, and Confluence for documentation.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, ES8, HTML, SQL, CSS, TypeScript, JavaScript 6
  • Frameworks

    Next.js, Redux, Express.js
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Node.js, React DnD, D3.js
  • Tools

    GitHub, Jira, Confluence, Figma, Zeplin, Sequelize, Skype, Google Hangouts, IntelliJ, Git
  • Paradigms

    Agile, REST
  • Other

    Front-end, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Web Applications, HTTP REST, Online Banking, Finance, Educational Games, Back-end, Commercetools, Teams, Google Meet
  • Storage

    MongoDB, MySQL, Databases
  • Platforms

    PagerDuty, Visual Studio Code, MacOS


  • Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology
    2011 - 2015
    Gujarat Technological University - Ahmedabad, India


  • Advanced Node.js
    JULY 2018 - PRESENT
    LinkedIn Learning

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